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Freedom Cannot Stand Against Rule Of Law

The collapse of Apple Daily is a response to the call of justice, common aspiration, and market demand. Since the Hong Kong-based tabloid repeatedly violated law and morality, its operator and employees were punished by laws. Besides, its poor management

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No Foreign Interference Able To Undermine Rule Of Law In Hong Kong

The rule of law is never to be played with, and those who go against the laws shall never escape punishment. The District Court of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) recently sentenced Joshua Wong Chi-fung, an instigator of

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Obama urges rule of law in Turkey, U.S. warns of damage to relations

The United States urged Turkey on Saturday to exercise restraint after a failed military coup sparked a government crackdown, and warned its NATO ally that public suggestions of a U.S. role in the plot were “utterly false” and harmful to

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Saraki- the travails of democracy and the rule of law

By Rotimi Opeyeoluwa  “Man’s capacity for justice makes democracy possible. But man’s inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary”– Reinhold Neibhur. It is best that I confess that the title of this piece is taken from the seminal book of legendary

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