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About Us

Aljazirahnews.com is a Nigerian Online Newspaper and online version Aljazirahnews.

We are located in the heart of the Giant of Africa, Abuja but we have tentacles in every part of the country and beyond.

Our ultimate aim is to be the first point of call in the unending human search for current, unbiased, fair, accurate and unblemished news.

We are a team of core professionals, veterans in the challenging field of news investigations and dissemination. We also have at our disposal, cutting edge news investigation, gathering and dissemination facilities and the editorial and technical staff to back it up. Our daily goal is to serve news and information to you as fresh as possible and whenever you need it.

Always on the spiral curve upwards in the stride for excellence and optimum performance, we will not shirk our duty to defend the people’s right to know and the need to keep public officials and indeed institutions accountable to the people who put them there. This is our bond!


To operate a world-class print and online news media organization collocated with positive journalistic ethics and practices at its peak to our esteemed readers in Nigeria and abroad.


This is clearly spelt out in the yearning for excellence. Our mission is to create hard breaking and international news as it unfolds. We deliver unparalleled perspectives across multiple categories including but not limited to politics, health, entertainment, education, classy news, judiciary, parliament, foreign affairs, business, sports and more.