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Opinion: Zamfara Gold, The Hatchet Jobbers And Nigeria’s Unity

The hatchet jobbers are at it again. Enemies of unity and togetherness are shouting war where there is peace; they are drumming the beat of discord through the spread of fake news and sponsoring commentators to fuel its effect. Unfortunately,

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Zamfara Gold As A Common Wealth

Zailani Bapoa For a very long time, the land of Zamfara has witnessed gradual, but progressively negative development, no thanks to the massive exploitation of the innocent souls of this historical land of golden bliss. It is a metamorphose of

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Nigeria discovers nickel in commercial quantity

[views] Nigeria may be on its ways to generate a new cash cow and an alternative to crude oil with the discovery of world class and high grade nickel in the country. The Ministry of Solid Minerals Development has confirmed

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