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Iraqi forces grind on in east Mosul as political rift opens over Shi’ite militias

Iraq’s sectarian political leaders have plunged back into a dispute over the status of Shi’ite armed groups, undermining efforts to reunite the country as its troops press on with the assault of Mosul, Islamic State’s biggest stronghold. Forty days into

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Iraqi army says Nimrud captured from ISIL

Iraqi soldiers have captured Nimrud, the site of an ancient Assyrian city overrun by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) two years ago, a military statement said on Sunday. “Troops from the Ninth Armoured Division liberated Nimrud

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Iraq mourns victims of Baghdad suicide bombing

The Iraqi government has declared three days of national mourning after a huge bomb in Baghdad killed 165 people and injured 225 others. A lorry packed with explosives was detonated in the Karrada district while families were shopping for the

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