ADC Blames Political Class Over Nation’s Woes



 African Democratic Congress , ADC, has blamed the political class , business class as well as the Nigerian voters as the cause for the nations woes.

It noted that the high level of corruption in the country is been perpetuated by the political class and condoned by the voters who do not hold public office holders to account.

National Chairman of the Party,  Chief Ralph Okey Nwosu stated this yesterday at the party’s National Executive Committee, NEC , meeting in Abuja.

In his speech  titled “Crusade for National Rebirth, Democracy. Let’s Leverage on the Depth of handshake to Lift Nigeria”.

 “The economy is in shambles.

The states and local councils are no different. The governors operate in octopus style, holding onto everything like imperial majesties. The political landscape is depressed  

“Let me shock us.

President Tinubu is not to blame entirely, this tragedy has been brewing for many years. He only exacerbates it mindlessly. Tinubu thinks that Machiavellian and John Wayne is a smart way to statecraft. Some of us blame INEC, but I disagree. INEC staff have suffered more fatalities in this democratic dispensation than ever before. In Kano state in 2019, an electoral umpire and the entire family were burnt alive for disagreeing to do the bidding of politicians. The recorded incidents of such deaths. Elected government officials have waylaid INEC officials with thugs and guns. Not many of us stood up for them. The men and ladies of the judiciary, I will also be exempt. Many of them enthusiastically watch us maneuver as mavericks to power and have seen their hopes dashed, because no sooner the Nigerian Politician got to office than the looting began. So who do you trust, when you adjudicate between two thieves? This may appear to be a hash, but could be interrogated.  

The business elites and politicians in Nigeria are the culprits; unfortunately, this includes all of us, either by acts of commission or omission. 

” The job of rescuing this country has become truly urgent and requires more hands. We have started this move. The process is gathering momentum because our country is in a desperate state.  

With a handshake, we can unify Nigeria. With handshake the continent of Africa can become one global force. With handshake we can get the rest of the world to deal with us in a most respectable and collaborative manner. 

“The founding of our party was grounded on the brotherhood, sisterhood, and common humanity of all homo sapiens, all inherent in the philosophical grid of handshake. The modern person is wise. The truth is that it depends on how political leaders think and deploy their minds. In ADC, we remain undaunted that with a mindful working of the head and the heart we can solve the majority of our national problems and in fact global problems with handshake. My very dear colleagues of ADC, may I employ us all to embrace the Handshake across Nigeria crusade for our sake and the sake of Nigeria”.


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