Young School Owner Calls On Govt To Support Educational Projects

Young School Owner Calls On Govt To Support Educational Projects
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By Chika Mefor-Nwachukwu

A former beauty Queen and director of Diamond Scholars Royal Academy, Joy Osomiamhe-O has called on the government to support educational projects that will aid the training of young Nigerians who are the leaders of tomorrow.

Osomiamhe who was speaking during her school’s 4th   Graduation  and Prize-giving Ceremony, urged government to ensure easy accessibility of lands for school owners, to help bring about a conducive learning environment for children.

“Government should know that school project is a social entrepreneurship that  is solving a social need by bringing about enabling environment to create skilled workers. So it should try and support struggling businesses.

“It should support by giving them property to develop. We need more infrastructure in our school but we need land to do that.

“Even banks will refuse to give loan to struggling businesses. The government is not supporting with the right capital for startups. A school is supposed to have it’s land and all. Where there is no government support, it is going to take a long while  to get to our feet,” she said.

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The two time Queen, Miss Aso 2011 and  Miss Commonwealth 2014, revealed that she decided to establish a school due to her love for children adding that the project was also a way to give back to the society.

“Taking education as a call, in line with  the Sustainable Development Goal 4, my team and I felt that we could do something more sustainable. So in that light, we went to an average income area like Kubwa to establish a school for middle income level families to get the quality education that well-to-do families are having.

“That is how we have been struggling and by God’s grace, we are getting there. It is four years and we are still counting.

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“We want to have a citadel of learning where we can touch lives, have direct link in mentoring children and bringing about future dynamic leaders that can bring about impact in the global space. That is just a queen giving back to the society in her own little way,” she said.

On her challenges, Osomiamhe revealed that as a young single lady, people have the misconception that she can’t own and successful manage a school adding that it was always a tug of war trying to convince them otherwise.

“People raise eye brows when a young single girl owns a school. It has been a tug of war trying to convince people that you might not have biologically birth a child but can actually train child,” she said.

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She however added she had not let any misconception derailed her from achieving her goal of bringing forth a school with a unique standard of learning.

“The unique thing about our school is like the name implies, Diamond Scholars, Cradle for Excellence. In the whole of Africa, I have never seen a school set up by an under 30 years woman. Our standard of learning is unique. The style of learning approach is different. It is a combination of different curricula that works. We are the cradle for excellence. We are thriving and determined to be the best,” she said.

Sixteen of her students graduated from one class to a higher class.


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