Xi: BRICS Should Bring Positive, Stabilizing, Constructive Strength To The World

Xi: BRICS Should Bring Positive, Stabilizing, Constructive Strength To The World

Chinese President Xi Jinping chaired the High-level Dialogue on Global Development in Beijingvia video link and delivered important remarks on June 24.At the event, leaders of BRICS countries, as well as relevant emerging markets and developingcountries had an in-depth discussion on the future of global development.Xi proposed to foster a development paradigm featuring benefits for all, balance, coordination,inclusiveness, win-win cooperation and common prosperity, and announced important measurestaken by China to implement the Global Development Initiative (GDI), charting the course forrevitalizing global development and building confidence and strength in achieving common prosperity.

One deep impression I get is that only through continuous development can the people dream for a better life and social stability be realized”; Xi noted.

With his personal experiences, Xi explained the importance of development for the human society, which demonstrated his care for the people and commitment to the world as a leader of a majorcountry.

In recent years, the important concepts and plans raised by China have been playing anincreasingly important role in leading global development.

When Xi attended the UN Sustainable Development Summit in 2015, he encouraged the world tohold on to development as a master key and work out a course of equitable, open, all-round andinnovation-driven development.

He also announced that China would establish an assistance fundfor South-South cooperation and other important measures to promote global development.

At last year’s UN General Assembly session, he put forth the GDI as the world was facingwidening North-South gap, insufficient drivers in international development cooperation, andincreasing marginalization of development issues on the international agenda, so as to encouragethe international society to refocus on development issues.

The GDI has become an important public good for tackling development challenges.The dialogue marked the launch and implementation of the GDI. Xi proposed at the event that the world needs to jointly build international consensus on promoting development, jointly create anenabling international environment for development, jointly foster new drivers for globaldevelopment and jointly forge a global development partnership.

These proposals target at the outstanding challenges facing global development and provide adirection for future international development cooperation.

Leaders attending the event gave high evaluation on Xi’s remarks and believe China’s proposals are in line with the concerns and demands of developing countries.

They said these proposals areconducive to building international consensus, mobilizing development resources and accelerating the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The world is currently at a critical juncture in the shaping of the future course of humanity, andglobal development is facing a number of new risks and challenges.

Some countries, politicizing and marginalizing development issues, resort to the approach of building exclusive yards with high walls and extreme sanctions, creating division and confrontation.

What they are doing is placing impacts on the global economic system, which will hurt not only themselves, but also the rest of the world if they are loosed to keep doing so, destroying decadesof efforts made in international economic cooperation and costing a huge price for the peoplearound the world.

The serious and complicated situation calls for emerging markets and developing countries tofurther enhance solidarity and coordination to work as one. We should put development front andcenter on the international agenda, build an open world economy, and make global governancefairer and more just.

No country or individual shall be left behind.China is always a contributor to global development that promotes global developmentcooperation with concrete actions.

At the dialogue, Xi announced important measures taken by China to implement the GDI, including upgrading the South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund to a Global Development and South-South Cooperation Fund, increasing input to the UN Peaceand Development Trust Fund, setting up a global development promotion center and a global knowledge network for development, and issuing a Global Development Report.At the event, a deliverable list of 32 measures was released, focusing on eight areas including poverty reduction, food security, the anti-COVID-19 fight and vaccine development, financing fordevelopment, climate change and green development, industrialization, digital economy, andconnectivity in the digital era. The list includes plans to set up a Global Alliance for Poverty Reduction and Development (GAPRD), launch a Food Production Enhancement Action, establish an International Vaccines Research, Development and Innovation Alliance and so on.China expects to work with all relevant parties to implement these outcomes and share projects inwhich all parties can participate, so as to accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda forSustainable Development.

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