Why Political Class Must End Dirty Politicking

Why Political Class Must End Dirty Politicking
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Last week opened a fresh vista in the politicking of the nation as the fireworks in the realm have continued unabated. Some of the face-off between opposing camps have been sour and unedifying as it were.In what was a routine, President Muhammadu Buhari in a meeting with state governors announced to his audience that the nations economy was anything but salutary.

He urged the governors to brace up for the difficult times ahead as sheer theorising and philosophising were not the attributes imperative at this time for the nation to emerge from the woods.The President though appeared forthright in his assessment drew the ire of the opposition who quickly called for his resignation. They argue that there was a seeming drift in the affairs of state and that it was inexcusable for a government gunning to return to the saddle to accept to have lost grip of the economy. Particularly, the arrowhead of the opposition camp, former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar who doubles as the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, took the gauntlet by urging President Buhari to quit as head of government alleging gross mismanagement, citing as a corollary a failed economy.  AljahzirahNigeria is quick to note that a sweeping perception that tends to demonise the president and make it appear as if all was lost during his tenure is unfair. While AljahzirahNigeria is convinced that the presidents forthrightness was a clear departure from the deception and denials that often characterise the polity when obvious economic concerns are underlying and pricking the people, he should not receive the hammer in such a manner as this may further traumatise our fragile polity that has been clearly polarised along fractured mundane issues.We expect the opposition, rather than making sweeping and scathing remarks over the presidents true reckoning on the economy to quickly rein in and pick the gauntlet by providing what would be a credible and defensible economic blueprint which would make the difference should they get the people’s mandate come 2019.It is in the interest of all Nigerians that we are told the true state of affairs even at the cost of dropping his pride which often is not in the character of many of Nigerias leaders.However, the onus is on the ruling All Progressives Congress-led government to tell Nigerians how we have arrived at this very critical juncture and what it would do in the immediate run and in the future if eventually it clinches the presidency. It is not enough to continue to play the refrain that the nation is suffering from inherited ineptitude of past governments.Let us dwell on issue-based campaigns and enrich our political space rather than engage in unedifying tendencies.


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