What I Enjoy Most In Retirement – Okiro

What I Enjoy Most In Retirement – Okiro
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Retirement for many in Nigeria is a period in which boredom sets in their lives. But for onetime Inspector General of Police, Sir Mike Okiro, it is time for relish as AljazirahNigeria finds out in a recent encounter with the super cop, writes Ibrahim Mohammed and George Emine.

It was a sunny afternoon as a three-man AljazirahNigeria team set out for an interview with Sir Okiro in Abuja. Even though notice of the interview with him through one of his aides was short, he validated his ever readiness to meet journalists disposition with an appointment on Tuesday.


The former police boss did not waste time to commence the interview. For him encounter with journalists is a regular routine while he was in office as well as retirement.

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As the interview progresses he displayed the alertness and comprehension of a young man despite the fact that he is over 70 years old. 

The aforementioned from all indication is not unconnected with the good life he is living in retirement.

By Okiro’s account time which used to be a scare commodity while he was in active service is now a regular companion. Not just that, he uses it to improve his wellbeing, saying “unlike before when people fix time for me, now I am the one fixing time. If you want to see me I fix the time for appoint and sleep when I want to sleep unlike before when people were in charge of my time, even determine when I go to sleep”.

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“Since I now have enough time, I also use part of it to play chess”, which he said is very easy these days with the advent of computer games.

As then Inspector General of Police, he recalled that “my telephones were always on for 24-hour”.

He, however, expressed delight that losing sleep paid-off “as many lives were saved through calls to my telephone”.

In as much as service life was devoid of enough time for recreation and other private matters, the supper cop said the opportunity to serve “my fatherland was a very worthwhile experience”, with face full of smile he said “I am enjoying the ample time available to me now”.

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Interestingly, the former police boss said he is deploying part of his time into getting income and “from this I pay myself before pension comes”. Full interview in subsequent edition.


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