Welcoming The New Army Chief

Welcoming The New Army Chief
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After a disastrous turn of events, Major General Farouk Yakubu has been appointed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, C-I-C, President Muhammadu Buhari as the Chief of Army Staff, COAS, the 22nd in that line. He replaced Lt. Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru whose tenure may well go down in history as one of the most short-lived in the nation’s military hierarchy.

He held sway from January 26 to May 21 2021, becoming the shortest-serving COAS next to Lt. General Aliyu Mohammed Gusau who served merely two months, from September to November 1993.

Attahiru’s emergence as COAS was somewhat dramatic following unrestrained agitations that followed the purported prolonged tenure of his predecessor, Lt. General Yusuf Buratai. In some circles, his entry into that elite club of military chiefs was seen as a relief from the long-reign of Buratai which was characterized by scathing remarks from critics. Besides, some were agitated that there were others who were better placed for the job but were either relegated to the sideline or retired with his emergence. That issue is not the import of our discourse here.


Notwithstanding, Attahiru held some promises as his words which were matched with relative actions that prodded many to begin to develop some refreshing thoughts on the army which many alleged was already enmeshed in unnecessary politicking against the ethics of sheer professionalism required of the military.

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We in AljazirahNigeria express our condolence to the immediate family of the late COAS and those of other soldiers who died alongside him in that ill-fated crash in Kaduna while on national assignment. With the uncommon zeal with which he was described as executing his duty, he must have indeed entered with a mindset to do the nation proud. We share in the grief of the nation over these fallen heroes and commiserate with their families and loved ones for the monumental loss. We would not join the rumour mill by suggesting uninformed causes of the disaster such that is prevalent in many public spaces as that would be pre-emptive of the investigations already initiated by the authorities.

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However, we urge that the investigations should be allowed to go on unfettered and untainted by any influence of any kind as only an objective inquest may give an insight on how to avoid such incidents in the future. 

With the unfortunate demise of the COAS, the situation beckoned on the C-I-C to appoint a replacement which expectedly came barely one week after. All the precipitous events that rolled through in that short span of time are now history but it has opened fresh vista of discourse for analysts and commentators in the public space who are feasting on the propriety or otherwise of the choice of the C-I-C.

We would not delve into the polemics or rhetorics now flying in the social media and other media over the President’s choice of the COAS as his prerogative to carry out that assignment. He reserves the privilege to incorporate any public officer he deems fit for the task ahead; especially as it has to do with national security in all ramifications.

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AljazirahNigeria welcomes the new COAS as he confronts these very grim security challenges inhibiting national synergy and indeed development. He must be dogged and determined to face the situation with utmost professionalism so as to reverse the unsavoury national disharmony still dogging the nation.

We urge him to put critics to shame by excelling through an uncommon harnessing of eclectic methodologies to some of these ‘wars’ that are seemingly not conventional.

AljazirahNigeria also urges all the formations under the COAS to cooperate with him to achieve a common goal.


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