Weekend Fashionista with Seamstress Priscilla

Weekend Fashionista with Seamstress Priscilla

How Do I look

During our visit to the street today, we came across this fashionista and what attracted me was the Ankara style she puts on with the hairstyle and wedge slippers with sleeky makeup to complement it thou by seeing her look you will think she is from Yoruba tribe but I tell you it is wrong She is Igbo.

Her name Priscilla but her friend call her Prisca who hails from Abia State.


The dress or style she put on is flailed corporate gown with black stud suede for the collar.

This style was carved out from the combination of style her tailor gives which goes with her shape, skin colour, height.

When Do You Wear It?

Actually, you can put on traditional attire any time. You show them your true culture not really by the tribe. For her, she put on traditional attire every Friday, Saturday (depend on the occasion) and Sunday. According to Prisca “the ministry has announced that Friday should be for traditional wear. For Sunday she wears anything especially gown looking beautiful and unique.

Choice of Cloth

One thing about me is that if I want a short gown, I will make it short and if it is a long gown, it as to flow and cover my legs. For office whether traditional attire or English it as to be short, gorgeous on me.

Advice for the Youth

It depends, most youth like English wear.The person that introduced this traditional attire for corporate people to wear is late Mrs Stella Obasanjo, she uses Ankara to sow suit.Traditional attire depends on the style, combination.Prisca advice youth to appreciate their culture by putting on traditional attire when is necessary.


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