We Will Sustain Our Protests Until El-Zakzaky Is Released – Ibrahim Musa

We Will Sustain Our Protests Until El-Zakzaky Is Released – Ibrahim Musa

In this interview with AljazirahNigeria’s MARIAM SANNI, spokesperson of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria assured that the protests will continue without letup until Sheikh IbraheemZakzaky and all others in detention are released.


For how long are you planning to continue protesting? Is there any ultimatum for government to release your leader?

Our plan is to continue with our protest until our demand for the freedom of our Leader, Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky is met. He has been ignored for too long, we believe, and his health is fast deteriorating. We are at a loss as to why the federal government can’t simply obey its court’s order freeing our Sheikh. There is no ultimatum for the government to release the Sheikh. It is not our policy to give ultimatum. We don’t have any power of coercion, but we firmly depend on the power of Allah the Almighty. However that doesn’t mean we are not anxious to see our leader released. We want him to be released immediately without any condition.

What other measures are you having in place to achieve your mission?

The options before us are limited. This daily protest is among them. We will fully utilise it. We want the international community and the general public to understand our plight. Here is a Sheikh whose children and followers were killed in December 2015 by government soldiers; nobody is being accused of this crime, rather he is being turned from the victim to the villain. We have been following the legal option since day one, after the murderous attack on the Islamic Movement by the government. We even won the case at a Federal High Court in Abuja. It is the government that is behaving with impunity. We have even taken the case to the International High Court of Justice, and our case has been listed among the several cases the court will look into in Nigeria.

Now that President Buhari has declared his intention for a 2nd term, what is your position on this?

The Islamic Movement is a non-partisan religious movement. Just like we didn’t take any position when he contested in 2015, this time around also we won’t take any position. We believe it is the decision of individual citizens.

Is it true that the Shiite Movement has carried out some sacrifice to ensure that Buhari does not win the 2019 election?

As I said earlier we are unconcerned on his re-election bid for 2019. The decision to vote for him or not rests with Nigerians. What we are more concerned with at this juncture is to secure the freedom of our oppressed Sheikh El-Zakzaky, his wife and the hundreds still languishing in various jails illegally.

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