VOX POP: What is your take on the proposed law restricting polygamy by HRH Sanusi Lamido?

VOX POP: What is your take on the proposed law restricting polygamy by HRH Sanusi Lamido?
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AljazirahNigeria went to town to sample the opinion of Nigerians on the proposed law suggested by Emir Sanusi Lamido tightening the screws on the taking of more than one wife by men. Excerpts:

By Amina Isah


Dalhatu Tijjani, Engineer.

He has his point of view, and it’s very clear that he made a point. But looking at other areas, the outcome may not be good. It is true that there is a Hadith that the prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said if a man is incapable of marriage he should fast to suppress his urge. But who is considered a poor person in Islam. A person who has something to eat from dawn to end of the day is not a poor person. So many Sahabas were poor yet they got married, some more than one wife. Though we consider those that don’t have much as poor. Now if he wants to implement such law, the question is, what tool will he use to measure a person who is poor and cannot take of his family. He needs to answer that.

Coming to responsibility of not being able to give education to the children is another question. Islamic education is relatively cheap and there are many schools that don’t even charge students for tuition. But western education is expensive. Now if a person cannot marry simply because he is poor then it can lead to fornication and adultery which is even worse. He also made claims (according to Vanguard) that even when married, he cannot have more children unless he can take care of them. Two things from this. Allah says we shouldn’t think that we feed our family by our efforts (wealth) but He is the one who feeds us. And the prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) also said we should have more children because he will use his Ummah to be proud of their number on yaumul qiyama (judgement day). Basically, in my own opinion, the laws are not our problem. The problem is that parents are not taking responsibilities of their children, whether poor or rich. Take a look at Islamiyah, many rich people hardly pay their tuition. Sometimes the schools even chase the children back home. So our problem is attitude and shying away from our responsibilities. So if he wants to make such law, he should implement on responsibilities not limiting marriages especially now that we have more women, divorcees and widows.

Kabir Andu, Galaxy Backbone LTD.

It is prohibited by Allah. Polygamy can’t be stopped by law.

Ibrahim Ndaliman, Civil Servant.

He cannot stop anybody from doing that, he is only airing out his personal opinion. In any case, he isn’t the Constitution of Nigeria, neither is he the Sultan, nor the head of Sharia Law. So I find it so difficult to weigh his statement. What is expected of him as a leader is giving the target group a reorientation of the core teachings of Islam and the current economic situation of the country. Most of the core average northerners referred to as the poor are left farming simply because they were not empowered enough and went in search of an easy way in the city. Remember this almajiris have been in existence since. The question we should be asking ourselves should be “what went wrong with our values?

Abdullahi Ibrahim, Dabai and Sons LTD.

I am in support of him. You know our people most especially from the north are not educated and some of them find it difficult to feed their family but when they see a girl they are attracted to, they believe marriage is the next step, just after they have satisfied their urge they end up divorcing her. Meanwhile, that is not the only motive behind marriage.


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