Vox Pop: Expectations From The New Efcc Chairman: Nigerians Speak

Vox Pop: Expectations From The New Efcc Chairman: Nigerians Speak
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Following recent appointment and subsequent confirmation by the Senate of the Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Abdulrasheed Bawa, AljazirahÑlgeria’s Wisdom Onyeisi went round the city of Abuja to sample the expectations of Nigerians from the new EFCC Chairman.



At this point, I do not have any expectations because others have failed us. My prayer is that he is not going to do worse than what others have done. I understand that the position is a very strong position with a difficult task to do. But if he can try to prove to Nigerians that he is different and can make a positive impact it will go a long way to speak for him. Nigerians are tired and we want him as a young man to maintain integrity and sincerity. Like his former boss, Ibrahim Magu who persecuted and prosecuted virtually only the opposition and more southerners than the northerners; Bawa should go look beyond his nose and go after the bad eggs in the North as well the south. It will even be best he used his northern brothers as scapegoats than what Magu did against the perceived criminals of the South.


I am very glad that Mr President has started considering the cry of our youths. He is a young man in his forties, and that is what we want. Meanwhile, I will indulge him to remain focused and never disappoint Nigerians. He should use his position to fight corruption and bring to book those who have been embezzled public funds. He should pave a way for the youths by doing very well. Mr. Magu disappointed Nigerians and also brought shame to himself. We don’t want such a kind story again. We want sincerity and hardworking EFCC so that Nigeria can go forward.

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It is a privilege and honour done him as the Economic Financial Crime Commission chairman.  I believe that it needs proper restructuring to enable him to work effectively. If he fails, it’s to his shame, if he performs well it will increase his integrity. We want the best this time. We want him to fish out those who want to wreck this country without fear or compromise. He is young; I believe he should be strategic in discharging his duties. God will help him to turn things for good. He should right the wrongs of Magu who was earlier rejected by the Senate but was recognized by the Executive arm. He should watch his back and remain focused on his calling.


The president has succeeded in fixing who he can control. What experience has he had? What does he know? Well, I know it is all politics because he will end up dancing to the tune of his Godfather. That position is a very sensitive position that requires someone very responsible and financially comfortable because of the nature of their activities. Personally, do not approve it or accept it. Mr. President should look critically into it and I believe he will see the need to make changes. Nigerians want the best and proper investigation should be made before every appointment. He has been appointed and we wish him better services to humanity and Nigeria.


We expect a new system with sincerity of purpose. That position has been corrupted by the past leaders. We need pure change and clarity. He should help change the mindset of Nigerians about our leaders by doing what is right. He should have a positive mindset while in the position because it’s a difficult position to occupy because of the nature of our country. We want him to help Nigeria by exposing all the politicians and leaders who have embezzled funds in this country. Yes, he can achieve it if he refuses to yield to their ploy to run down the economy.

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Our hope and expectation has been dashed before. I do not have any expectations, I am watching to see if he will do well or he will still act like Mr. Magu. Seriously, Nigerians don’t know what else to expect than the worst. Someone must occupy the position just as the law provided. But we need the spirit of selfless service and honesty in him. We want to see something positive and different from the old ways of doing things from investigation to prosecution. He can achieve it if he desires it. We are all watching.


This is a new move and it is highly welcomed. Mr. President has played his role, and I believe that it is the turn of the chairman to act according to the demands of the law. We do not expect less from him. We want uprightness as a true Nigerian. This will set the pace for a new era in the EFCC. I pray for strength and God’s grace upon him.


What Nigerians want and demand from him is the right attitude and honesty. We don’t want what happened during Magu’s reign to repeat itself. As a young man, he is expected to show the youth’s good example in the spirit of right leadership. Right now, all eyes are on him and Nigerians are not ready to hear or tolerate any form of mischievous act. As for me, I give my full support and prayers to him.

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 I commend Mr. President for selecting or choosing a young man for that position. If the same thing can be done to every other position in the Federation, things will change for the better. We have high expectations from the chairman because right now the image of the EFCC has been damaged by the past leadership. It needs to be totally repaired and strategically carry out their duties without compromising.


The chairman has a lot of work to do right now. Nigerians are not happy with what Happened before. This time, we demand from him the right leadership attitude. He should be focused and do his job without negative influences. He should correct the mess and the wrong impression the past leader created. Rome was not built in one day; we believe that through him money laundering in this country will come to an end.


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