Unknown Gunmen: Taking A Toll

Unknown Gunmen: Taking A Toll
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With the onslaught and serial reports of missing persons in South East Nigeria, it has become a matter of concern to many. It is embarrassing that the state governments are helpless in the face of sustained killings that have been embellished as perpetrated by faceless individuals.

In a manner that is already hitting the record books, casualties making the list are quite disturbing, especially from hitherto unknown areas that are susceptible to attacks.

It means that areas they were hitherto naturally ‘insulated’ from attacks have now become vulnerable, given the general tendency of the state of the nation.


The South-east of the country, once a peaceful sub-region, though not without agitation bordering on self-determination orchestrated by alleged marginalisation, is the latest theatre of modern onslaught, especially that all kinds of atrocious activities are taking unwarranted toll. Amid these disguising terrorists activism, we are not quick to align with those who think that the country is on its knees, given the assault by unscrupulous Nigerians. 

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We are averse to the incessant attacks by hoodlums and undesirable individuals who unleash terror to stimulate individual interests, when in essence there should be good attitude.

It is embarrassing to the governors of the South-east who are unable to determine the real warriors who are depleting the legitimate audacity of the government. We are not bothered by agitations of individuals and groups who are having particular concerns about the entity- Nigeria. It is necessary for Nigerians to rev up their attitude to accentuate patriotic zeal.

Attacks, maiming and Killings in whatever guise are not within the frame of good conscience and natural justice even as it is undesirable to walk in the interest of saboteurs, who hold onto the straw to swim aimlessly.

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With the continued unconditional spree of havocs in the zone, many have become highly suspicious that there is more than meets the eye. Unknown killers are alleged to be working with the full capacity of security agents amid the helplessness of the communities. It is not necessary to state the exactitude of instances here but we urge the security agents to first align their loyalty with the state before any other consideration.

We call on relevant stakeholders across the country to be suspicious at all times, especially when their strange characters are lurking in their domain. It would not be out of place for individuals to report movements and persons in terrains that are particularly suspicious.

The incessant killings by the so-called unknown gunmen across the South east has triggered a fresh thinking that an untamed monster is about to unleash a new concern in the zone.

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We call on all stakeholders to tame this monster before it gets out of hand. We recall that what is today’s Boko Haram started as a seemingly harmless group which over time perpetuated into today’s ‘untouchable’.  

The arms bearing individuals who are masquerading across the country in the name of vigilantes must be properly scrutinised at various levels to ensure that only bona fide enrollees are moving around with arms.


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