UNESC Takes COVID-19 Awareness Campaign To Mpape Community

UNESC Takes COVID-19 Awareness Campaign To Mpape Community

Joel Ajayi

United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNESC) at the weekend, carried out a one-day awareness and sensitization campaign to educate Mpape residents on how to prevent contracting COVID-19.

The Special Advisory Council to the United Nations in Nigeria UNESC that has been working hard towards poverty eradication, citizen education and dissemination of relevant information and prevention strategies against COVID-19 in the country stressed that the pandemic is real that they should take it serious.

COVID-19 pandemic has already affected over 146,354 people and death of about 1,753 Nigerians. The health situation is overwhelmed inadequate strategic official communication, and widespread misinformation. 

While educating over 200 women on Sunday in Abuja the Medical Director of UNESC Dr Juliet Essien Ayei said that COVID-19 is real and that nobody should deceive you that there is no COVID-19

She expressed that, the sanitary crisis and the myths around it are interacting with the socio-economic difficulties and conflicts that the country is currently facing, either by aggravating them or by risking engendering new ones.

According to her, the more you take care of your environment the healthier our future.

“Some people may think that COVID-19 is witchcraft but please it is not.

“This virus can last for seven hours, so make sure you wash your hands with soap because soap can easily wash it away.

“Wear your facemask whenever you are going out and remove it when you are in your house. You know COVID-19 is unlike tuberculosis that can spread through coughing.”

Dr. Ayei urged women to take care of themselves properly: “Rule to follow to stop the spread of COVID-19 and to protect ourselves from COVID-19 is just to follow protocols and make our society better.

“Keep distance, cover your cough, and use of face mask”: she advised

On his own, the National President of the UNESC Africa Prof Nathan Tor Luga revealed that, aims of UNESC in Nigeria include eradicating poverty and this is the first time the Nigeria UNESC will do such programme and subsequently, it will do much more than this.

“By April 12, 2021, we are going to have world president and the country general here in Nigeria and after April we are going to start our UNESC project fully across all the 36 States in Nigeria.

“Our vision is by 2030 we will be able to achieve our goal which is part of the United Nations development goals which we are aiming at eradicating poverty.

“One of the areas we are going to focus is education because without education we cannot achieve any meaningful development.

“We want to really kick start the poverty eradication, and we believe that without education, knowledge and there is nothing you can do in solving someone’s problem, we are going to visit schools to impart the knowledge to the school.”

In her address, the Chairman of Nigeria UNESC Dr. Ngozi Blessing  expressed that the organization will leave no stone un-turned to ensure Nigerians are  empower to eradicate poverty in the country.

Our target is to achieve SGD goal by the year 2030 and we classify it into three: socio-economic, health and poverty that is why we are here to start doing something let people start benefiting from us.

We are equally showing them some love, by distributing face masks, sanitizer, and food items to residents.

As for the National Director for program UNESC in Nigeria Amb. Hendricks Omale said this awareness is going to be replicated in other all SGD goals.

We are here as teams and this cut across all professionals and we believe in giving our best to society.

 “Our target is to eradicate poverty in Nigeria; We are not just talking about giving money alone, we are going to do financial literacy, we are going to keep the courage in people to different financial expert, we are going to do seminars, we are going to do empowerment.

“We are going to that in partnership with government what we are to do is to increase the standard of the living of the people positively and realize all the SDG goals.”

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