Unending Controversies On COVID-19 Vaccine

Unending Controversies On COVID-19 Vaccine
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The palpitating apprehension which accompanied the outbreak and spread of the Coronavirus disease since January last year throughout the world appears to be gaining some respite, owing to the recent announcement of a breakthrough in researches on developing an efficacious vaccine that will stem the tide of the spread of the pandemic with its attendant death toll.

Albeit the development, official approval and rollout of various vaccines ranging from the new Pfizer BioN-Tech to the Moderna’s vaccines in the U.S, with others still undergoing the last stages of tests to ascertain their veracity, not a few people have grown suspicious of being willing to be administered with the vaccine following the many controversial testimonies that has trailed the immunisation exercise around the globe.


With these controversies raging, the administration on humans in clinical trials, some or most of which have been termed as conspiracy theories by experts. The FDA in the US for instance has released a report about some concerning findings from clinical trials.

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According to the report, it is noted that: “A numerical imbalance of four cases of Bell’s palsy” among people given a shot of the vaccine compared with no cases in the placebo group. “The four cases in the vaccine group do not represent a frequency above that expected in the general population”. An FDA staff said in the report.

According to Health.com, a document released on December 8, 2020 ahead of the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) meeting on December 10, 2020 revealed more details about Pfizer’s BioN-Tech vaccine.

The document revealed that four cases of Bell’s palsy, a condition that causes temporary facial paralysis were identified in study participants who received the vaccine but none of the participants who received a placebo. At least one of the patients has recovered, and there’s no evidence that the vaccine caused the problem.

Concerning these controversies on the administration of the Covid-19 vaccines, one Dr. Stella Emmanuel and Minister Louis Farrakhan, whose assertions in videos is trending in the social media space, and have mostly been termed as conspiracy theories, have linked the entire issue of the Coronavirus and the emergent vaccines rollout as targeted at world depopulation theories as championed by Microsoft Chief, Bill Gates and Director of  National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, that black people were mostly targeted for extermination to achieve their depopulation agenda through mass vaccination. All these are still at the level of theories and not proven yet.

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Following recent reports in the media that President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, and Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) Boss Mustapha along with state governors have agreed to a live inoculation, AljazirahNigeria commends such move which will aid in assuaging the anxiety of Nigerians over the exercise.

AljazirahNigeria  joins millions of citizens who still insist that concerned stakeholders should also ensure that the same version of the vaccines that will be administered on these high ranking public officials be the same that will be given to ordinary citizens as there are unconfirmed news making the rounds that the Nigeria authority is in talks with some countries such as the UAE and China to import a Chinese version of the vaccine while they take the Pfizer BioN-Tech version which is produced in the U.S.

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AljazirahNigeria urges the Federal Government with all its health related agencies to step up its game by sensitising Nigerians on the need to willingly make themselves available for the vaccination exercise when it is flagged-off and to also do all within its purview to clear the air on some of the negative tales regarding the disease and vaccine so as to protect public health and keep Nigerians safe.


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