Uneasy Side Of The Aesthetic Capital City, Abuja

Uneasy Side Of The Aesthetic Capital City, Abuja

By Ruth Gbaka

 The city of Abuja is filled with beautiful sights to behold, from recreational parks, alluring sights and structures erected in strategic areas of the city which in turn has an aesthetic effect on the inhabitants of the city.

For some, staring at this sights alone while they go about their daily schedules could serve as a form of entertainment bringing relieve and delight as they ply the roads and offices in search of greener pastures. While some create time to visit recreational parks and venues for fun or engage in strategic activities in order to be entertained.  

 Over the years, entertainment has been known to create a spark in cultures, people, and countries and even serve as a course of unity for people at war. In our present day society, entertainment varies and is presented to us in different varieties and according to our preferences ranging from football, open mic nights, comedy shows, cinemas and a hosts of others available according to individual inclinations.

 As much as entertainment is a major source of happiness for most people, the pressure to survive and succeed against all odds has left most working round the clock just to make ends meet with little or no time for extra curricula activities.

  For A prestigious and demanding city like Abuja that houses over 3 million people including the first family, the pressure to meet up or at least survive the standard of living has left entertainment out of the to-do menu for so many residents of the FCT especially the lower class who survival is the major goal

 Jostling from the struggles of suitable accommodation to long hours of traffic in some residential locations to the general tough life of survival. But for some, regardless of circumstances, entertainment makes it to the list of weekend itineraries.

 A walk to Abuja central park, jabi lake mall and Dome showed people relaxing while some were involved in variety of games, some basically just sat in chit chat groups staring at the serenity of the water and natural atmospheric conditions of some of the recreational parks. Speaking to some who were seen actively engaging in one fun activity or the other, they all bared their minds on why entertainment can and will not be snubbed in their lives no matter the size of their pockets or schedules.    

 Lilian George an accountant with a prestigious bank expressed delight at the free gift of life and emphasized fun is part of life and cannot be ignored by her.

 ”life is beautiful, no one knows when he or she is living this world and for each day that I have, I must enjoy it to the fullest now that I still have it” she said.

 Indeed each day we see is a gift and an opportunity to make the best out of life while living in the present moment.

 Chief Samuel Adejo who works with  Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) stated that creating time out of his responsibilities is a paramount and essential choice.

“I go to work every day of my life, I have a family to cater for, and it’s from one problem to another, this is the only time I feel like life is beautiful.

  I can’t come and kill myself, problem no the finish abeg.” He said sarcastically while laughing.

 Life can truly be stressful, the ability to take out time to be entertained by others or events around us can make it easier for us to face. This is a choice that has to be consciously made in order to live.

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