Umbrage Over Retirement Age In NASS

Umbrage Over Retirement Age In NASS
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There has been some disquiet in the National Assembly, NASS, between the Clerk of the National Assembly, CNA, Mr. Sani Omolori and the National Assembly Service Commission over retirement age for workers with the national assembly.
However, the uneasy calm has degenerated into a form of full-blown confrontation between the leadership of the commission led by its chairman and the clerk.

Piqued by an alleged infringement on its jurisdiction, the NASS Service Commission has taken on the clerk who has been accused of acting outside his authority by extending the assembly’s workers’ service tenure contrary to established practices.
The NASS Commission had queried the Clerk in a memo with reference number NASC/CHO/1/2 dated July 16, and issued by its Executive Chairman Ahmed Amshi on the impropriety of the clerk’s action of extending the tenure of workers.
The query reads in part; “The attention of the National Assembly Service Commission was drawn to a press release titled: Retirement age for staff of the National Assembly is 40 years of service or 64 years of age whichever comes first dated July 15, and signed by Mohammed Sani-Omolori, Clerk to the National Assembly.
“As you are very much aware, the Clerk to the National Assembly is an employee of the National Assembly Service Commission, vide Section 6 (1)b of the National Assembly Act, 2014 (as amended).
“The Clerk to the National Assembly has no authority whatsoever to dictate anything to the commission.
“Your press statement is considered by the commission as a gross insubordination to a constituted authority.
“You are, by this letter, requested to explain to the commission within twenty four (24) hours as to why disciplinary action will not be taken against you as per provision of Section 6(2)b of the National Assembly Service Act, 2014 (as amended) for this gross insubordination.”
However, it was learnt the commission had earlier directed all the staff who have attained 35 years of service or 60 years old to proceed on retirement immediately.
By the commission’s position Sani-Omolori and 149 senior members of staff of the National Assembly are affected by the order.
The commission mandated those affected to proceed on leave immediately and that retirement letters would be sent to them.
Sani-Omolori, in a counter statement on July 15, challenged the commission’s authority to rescind a resolution passed by the 8th National Assembly on the condition of service.
He said that the new condition of service had extended the retirement age to 65 years and 45 years in service, whichever comes first.
He was said to have urged members of staff of the National Assembly to ignore the commission and go about their daily legal activity.
We are averse to this public show of disharmony among tiers of leadership in esteemed organisations such as the National Assembly which is expected to be one of the pillars and bastion for an enduring democratic norm.
To AljazirahNigeria, this obvious lack of mutual integration and harmonisation of positions by authorities over issues depicts a picture of a disorganised house. It follows therefore, that the offices are not on the same page and are incidentally working at cross purposes.
We are of the opinion that the CNA and the Commission should have of necessity sat on the matter before exhibiting their contentions in the public domain. This is necessary in order to shore up public confidence and enhance the integrity of the National Assembly and its workforce.
We call on both parties to sheath the sword and harmonise their points of departure and seek to do what is in the best interest of the nation as a prolonged feud will likely cause dissent and crisis within the system.

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