Threats By Miyetti Allah Group To Sue Southern Governors Forum For Anti-Open Grazing Law: Nigerians Speak

Threats By Miyetti Allah Group To Sue Southern Governors Forum For Anti-Open Grazing Law: Nigerians Speak

With moves by Miyetti Allah to sue southern governors for the anti-open grazing bill they recently signed into law, which they described as ‘satanic’ and ‘politically motivated,  do you think the planned suit by Miyetti Allah cattle breeders is in the right direction, considering the havoc they have so far wreaked on the country? AljazirahNigeria’s reporter, Wisdom Onyeisi went round the city of Abuja to sample the opinion of respondents.

J. A. Andy

I wonder what is giving Miyetti Allah so much power to challenge the law and the southern governors. I strongly believe he has a strong back up who is unidentified yet. Why will he file a suit against the governors who are only protecting their ancestral lands which the herdsmen are misusing and killing their people. He should understand that no matter who is behind him, the governors have the power to decide who ventures into the lands in their states. His suit is unwise and unreasonable. Herdsmen were bound because of their inhumane attitudes. People cannot go to their farmlands because of the activity of the herdsmen. The threat of suit is baseless and unreasonable.

Alloy Ochala

Honestly, I support what the southern governors did. Herdsmen were not disturbing before now. It was when they started to change patterns, they started having guns and started kidnapping and killing people in their own town, the people could no longer accept them. In the northern part of this country, no southerner can ever try what they are doing in the north. The people say they don’t want to see herdsmen and cattle in their lands, and then Miyetti Allah is going to court. It’s shameful and ridiculous.

Danjuma Umaru

Why will they make such a law against the herdsmen if they are not trying to separate and cause problems in Nigeria. The northerners accommodated many southerners and their businesses. They are using lands and properties in the North to earn a living and nobody is fighting them. The southern government should be ready for anything their action has caused them. They said herdsmen are killing people, have you ever seen any herdsman with a guy? They only go with cutlasses to protect their cattle. They should not forget that the same people they are stopping from their lands are the reason they see meat to eat because of their skills in cattle rearing. The court should address the action of those governors and bring things to order.

Oluwatosin Adejiri

The duty of every governor in a state is to protect lives and properties. Nobody was against the herdsmen and their cattle until they began to indulge in inhumane activities. So as governors who understand their duty they came up with the law to protect their territory against the evil activity of the herdsmen. There are many ways to rear cattle. They should employ those ways and leave people’s lands alone for peace to resign. The suit filled Miyetti Allah group is a waste of time and unnecessary. They should be thinking of how to care for their cattle instead of going to court to waste time. They should not forget that the governors have proof of the people they killed in their states. No good Governor will watch that happen in his state.

Gilbert Okwuchukwu

I have always known that the group has a strong back up. How can a small group who are selfish and heartless determine what happens in the state where they are not from? Same people sponsoring insurgency in Nigeria are the ones backing up this group. They want to sue the governors for protecting their ancestral lands and their people. Honestly there is nothing that can no longer happen in this country. Before, if you want assistance or help from certain people, you have to be in solidarity with them to get what you want. Now, Miyetti Allah wants the federal government to pass open grazing into law because they feel nobody owns Nigeria. That nonsense shop stopped. They should go to court to waste their time. Even if the court nullifies the law made by the governors, they will never try to come close to the lands in the southern regions.

Julian Aku

Sometimes, I wonder why Nigeria is becoming so bad that people are so overwhelmed by evil and all they want is a law that will support their interest without thinking about the lives and property they are destroying.  Filing up a suit against the governors is simply an unreasonable approach. It’s like taking someone who has proven a document of a property to court, there is no way they can win the governors. I discovered that these people feel they own and rule Nigeria, so whatever they desire is what they go for and they must get it by hook and crook. How on earth can they take the governors to court for refusing them to graze in the lands if they don’t have a strong invisible backing? They should withdraw that suit and warn their herdsmen against their atrocities in people’s farm lands.

Michael Okpara

At this point, I don’t think the Miyetti Allah understand what it means to expose the lives of people to danger of their herdsmen. If it were to be in the North, they would never accept it. They should respect boundaries and learn to also respect the decisions of the ruling governors of the south region of Nigeria. Going to court is normal because the court has the capacity to investigate various interests and decisions. All we need in this country is peace. If a certain region in the country refuses to accommodate a certain region, they should accept it and avoid them. Nobody should feel they can get anything they want anywhere in the country.

Juilet Unwana

Well, I don’t think going to court to sue the governors will help them get what they want. They should call their herdsmen to order if they are denying or not empowering them to do the killings. The governors have every right to put any law in order to save their people. So, they should have had a round table meeting with the governors to come to agreement and make good decisions. Taking them to court is like fighting to forcefully get what they don’t own. Nobody will accept it. At this point they should respect the law and stay clear.

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