The Re-Arrest Of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Nigerians Speak

The Re-Arrest Of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Nigerians Speak
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Following the re-arrest of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the IPOB group by the Federal Government. What are your views and as well as the implication on the security situation? AljazirahNigeria’s Wisdom Onyeishi went round the City of Abuja to get the feelings of Nigerians


The leader of proscribed IPOB group Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been a thorn in the flesh of the Federal Government led by President Buhari.

I wouldn’t want or pray for Nigeria’s disintegration. It is very certain that things are not working out well but It is important we work out things to better Nigeria than to break up the nation. On the re-arrest of Kanu, I believe that the Federal Government acted within the confines of both national; and international laws. I support the FG in his re-arrest but he should be given his due rights and tried in line with the laws of the Federation. Even though I don’t like him because he wants to divide the country instead of helping to fix it, the law should be allowed to take its due cause, no sentiments, no media or public trial.


I feel that the re-arrest of Nnamdi Kanu is a huge distraction to Nigeria. There are many issues facing this country. How many bandits and herdsmen have been arrested? Why should the Federal Government abandon the needs of Nigerians and begin chasing Nnamdi Kanu, wasting taxpayers’ money. His arrest will definitely steer up protest in the country and thereby destabilize the peace of the country. I am not Igbo but the Igbo’s are very dogged and cunning, their silence needs to be watched carefully. After all, Kanu and his cause has generated cult-following. The Federal Government should understand that Nnamdi Kanu’s issue is a very sensitive matter with overwhelming interested people, countries and associates. Because of the widespread propaganda, the eyes of the international community are on Nigeria.  It is not what Nigerians need now, we have many more challenges to fix than re-arresting Nnamdi Kanu.

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I have always known that this government has nothing to offer to this country other than steering issues that will draw Nigerians backward.  Re-arresting Nnamdi Kanu will not help Nigerians rather it will destabilize the country. Nigeria is fighting insecurity, fighting hunger and corruption. Nnamdi should not be the focus right now. The Buhari government should face the needs of Nigerians and make sure things improve for better.


No matter the attempts by the Buhari government; I don’t think that his arrest or death will stop the freedom the indigenous people are seeking. They should stop fighting Nnamdi Kanu because it will all be fruitless. Kill him or imprison him, more kanu’s will emerge so long as the FG is not ready to unite the country. Why is President Buhari threatened?  Even though Kanu was said to be insulting people, what about the message he was passing? We all are humans and have our styles of passing messages. All that Nnamdi Kanu said had come to pass. Jailing him will not stop the movement of Biafra, instead will increase and bring more trouble to Nigerian government. The Buhari government should please focus on stopping the rampaging killer bandits ravaging his home Katsina state and other NorthWest states. It beats my imagination how a retired general will be confused as per the strategy to stop insecurity.


I strongly believe that the federal government rearrested him so as to silence his dreams and aspirations. But I don’t think re-arresting him will yield anything beneficial for the federal government; rather, it will compound the already troubled nation, from international communities, we may see sanctions. Nnamdi Kanu is only a freedom fighter whose demand is only for the freedom of his people he called Biafra. This government is not sensitive and the handlers lack wisdom to handle sensitive issues like Nnamdi Kanu. I advise Nigerian government to leave him and face issues affecting the lives of Nigerians, killings and kidnapping every day, inflation all over, borrowing and borrowing thereby mortgaging the future and proffer long lasting solutions.

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It’s a waste of time to dive into Nnamdi Kanu’s issue at this time Nigeria is facing insecurity challenges and difficulties in many areas. It reveals that this government lacks understanding and leadership skills. When I heard the news, I knew that the government had missed it by making such a move. Even the blind know that the Igbo’ are marginalized through policies and programmes of the FG. If Biafra will be, nothing can stop it , not even President Buhari. Nigerian government should do something to improve the lives of Nigerians and stop wasting money, energy on Nnamdi Kanu. Rumour had it that Nigeria spent a huge sum of money to intercept Kanu. This government has caused more harm than good to Nigerians.


I support the re-arrest of Nnamdi Kanu because nobody is bigger than the law governing a country. I don’t think that the country can break, not this soon. Nnamdi Kanu and his group should understand it. He should face the law and if found guilty should be punished. I support the government, and I don’t think that his arrest would worsen the security situation but it would silence his dreams and followers.  We need peace; justice and unity in this country and the FG should focus more on things affecting the country.


The Federal Government should understand that Biafra has come and there’s nothing that will stop it. It is this PMB’s government that has made it possible. The way and manner of his leadership has created division among religions and ethnic people. Nigeria government should stop fighting Nnamdi Kanu. This country has a myriad of issues that need urgent attention, political will to tackle. Take a look at the things happening in Nigeria North and rate the performance of this president who went to Chatham house in 2015, talking how he will stop Boko Haram in 3 months but we are in 6 years of his clueless government. The Federal government should not add more problems to Nigerians instead fix the problems as promised during the campaign.

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Re-arresting Kanu is okay since he is their problem but the manner he was re-arrested has become an issue that international community’s want to know, it seems that President Buhari jump protocols. This government has failed to understand that Nnamdi Kanu cannot be stopped by this action; the FG is drawing more sympathy on his side. With all indications, Nnamdi Kanu has a strong back up and even Nigerian government knows. Time has come for freedom of every oppressed person, ethnic groups, unless the government is ready for justice, justice and justice this country will travel without returning. I pray, he doesn’t die in their hands. I advise Nigerian government to start making proper plans for Nigerian and leave Nnamdi Kanu.


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