The Fight Against Insecurity: Nigerians Speak

The Fight Against Insecurity: Nigerians Speak
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Following the recent killings of about 110 farmers by the terrorist Boko Haram in Borno State and the blame by the Presidency through Garba Shehu Presidential media aide that farmers didn’t take clearance from the military before going to the farm. Do you think the Federal Government has been sincere about the fight against insecurity in the country? AlijazirahNigeria’s AYOMIDE ALAGBE, OLUWASEUN ADEGOKE and IYANU BABAFEMI went round the city of Abuja to get the response of Nigerians.


The Federal Government is not sincere when it comes to security in some states especially less developed states, the FG acts as if it is not every state that needs security which is not true. Every state in the country needs security for both the developing and less developing states in the country.  And the Federal Government should also note that citizens have rights to be listened to, over their feelings on insecurity in Nigeria.  The unabated destruction of lives and properties in Borno, Katsina, Niger and other states should give Mr. President and the governors’ sleepless night. Government should act fast on this because our people are dying.


The Federal Government is trying her best. I think the FG has been fair and sincere in the fight against insecurity. But they still need to put more effort on this so that the rate at which people die will reduce in the country. However, citizens should join their hands with the government to fight against insecurity; our people are dying worthlessly in different states, most especially the less developed states. So, the government should intensify effort before half of the citizens of the country are killed by insurgents.

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I don’t know what to say on this because I am confused. The Federal and State Government are trying their best but it is not enough. I don’t think that the government is sincere about fighting insecurity; that is why you see people being killed on a daily basis especially in the Northwest and Northeast states. The Federal and State Government are selfish about security of lives and properties. If these same people were in opposition, they were quoting General Sani Abacha that “Any insecurity that lasts more than 6 months shows that the government has a hand in it”.


The rate of insecurity is very alarming and scary. How can the government obligate us to secure us blame innocent farmers that were gruesomely killed in their farm lands for their own mischief, saying they didn’t have clearance from the soldiers before going to the farm. This situation clearly portrays nonchalance of the Buhari-led administration towards the protection and provision of the citizen. The Federal Government is absolutely insincere about her claims to fight against the notorious insecurity in the country. Nigeria’s are crying and dying every day in the country and the government is doing nothing at all about it.

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One of the things the Buhari administration promised Nigerians during campaigns was an end to insurgence in the country but it is very clear to everyone that Nigerians were tricked. Instead of fighting Boko Haram and other criminalities, the Federal and State government are busy pampering terrorists, using propaganda that Boko Haram has been degraded, technically defeated all these are lies from the pit of hail.  Farmers are being killed in their farm lands in the course of providing food for their society and least the government could do is to blame them for their death and says the required clearance before going to farm, such a shame and disgrace.


I don’t have anything to say on whether the government is sincere or not, it left for them. Since killing their people is what they want then let’s keep watching. I just don’t understand where this government is taking this country because this country is getting worse every day. The government is not sincere in the fight against insecurity. The government is selfish and can’t do anything for us. People should try as much to protect themselves. Government should change tactics, rejig the security chiefs, and get a more sophisticated armory.


 I beg the government to be serious about every concern. Look at the demands made by the Northeast governors and other well meaning individuals. The FG should consider changing the security chiefs and for fresh ideas.  The FG in my thinking is doing a lot but is not enough. I also think that the efforts of the FG have been sabotaged. And also we should join hands with the government. I believe things will get better in the country with time.

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The Federal Government of Nigeria really need to justify the level of insecurity in this country, innocent citizens are been killed every day, people are no longer safe in their ancestral homes, farmers are being blamed for putting themselves in danger in attempt to farm and produce food crops for their survival and also for that of the country as a whole. The government has indeed failed in its responsibility of protecting and providing security for the citizens of this country. The Buhari government really needs to wake up from its slumber and take necessary actions for a better security of the country.


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