The Crack In PDP Over Choice Of VP Candidate

The Crack In PDP Over Choice Of VP Candidate

We have been having our conversation on who is fit to lead our dear country in series but with the way the leading political parties and their presidential candidates have been unable to select their vice-presidential candidates, going ahead with the conversation will be a bit difficult because we need to look at the joint ticket together to come up with who would eventually be fit to take up the mantle.

One of my friends, that happens to be a chieftain in the PDP, had a long conversation with me on the state of the party, and that propelled me to choose to write on the impending crack in the PDP after the choice of the Vice-Presidential candidate by the party flag bearer Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. He expressed his reservation; we will make it our conversation this week.

The days ahead the deadline of names submission will be an interesting one because after the selection of Delta State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa as the running mate, some members of the party have expressed their reservations on the choice made. Even though the man at the centre, Governor Nyesom Wike refused to be heard, it may be because he is on vacation to cool off from the bustle of the party primary rather the outburst by Benue State Gov Ortom is enough to say, ‘all is not well with the party’.

Selection of running mates is the sole responsibility of the Presidential candidate, but as a party that wants to wrest powers, needs to carry everyone along, hence ‘VP Candidate Committee’ to help in getting someone of added value, one expects that the outcome of such ought to be respected. The party authorities said that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar requested for the committee and suggested three names which were; Governors Wike, Okowa all from the South-south zone. The committee presented their result where-in Gov Wike was said to have the majority vote, but the same man changed his mind and picked Delta State Governor, based on ‘advice’ he claimed to have received concerning Gov Wike. The question is: why was the committee set up in the first instance knowing that their outcome will not be respected? The act has since created fresh cracks in the party and that might affect expected best performance at the general polls come next year.

For me, I strongly feel that rules laid down should be followed and we shouldn’t encourage rule breakers. The first was the contest against the power rotation to the South, now we have selection out of the committee recommendations. If a candidate cannot stay within the rule now, what do we expect from him if he eventually becomes Nigeria President? Does it mean we will keep having a floppy agenda that can be changed on a sectional interest perceived to be strong against the general wish of the people? This has reared its ugly head so far with the PDP Presidential candidate.

The crack is getting noticeable and one expects them to tread cautiously if at all they are serious about leading the nation, you can’t play Gov Wike out without placating him based on his known and visible roles within the party, even though he has his shortcomings there are better ways to handle this. He is a factor, and that should be made clear to all. While not using this medium to hold brief for him, I strongly feel the crack is avoidable and it’s too early when the journey has not even started.

The crack to my opinion was caused by the unpaid spokespersons of Atiku who were media savvy, maybe to prelaunch relevance and they didn’t wait for him to resolve the impending crisis but chose to go on air to call Gov. Wike names. Now that the crack is expanding and causing division within the party hierarchy, it is important to resolve it on time. Political observers knew that Gov Wike was slighted but I am closely sure that being a loyal party man, he will not abandon the party for obvious reasons. The PDP and Atiku should caution their unpaid spokespersons for doing more harm than good. Ekiti poor outing was attributed to lack of party unity, Osun could be used to make it right.

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