The Continuous Strike By Resident Doctors: Nigerians Speak

The Continuous Strike By Resident Doctors: Nigerians Speak

Following the ongoing strike by Resident Doctors in Nigeria, owing to demands by the union for a better welfare of its members, do you think the doctors have been treated fairly by the government AljazirahNigeria’s WISDOM ONYEISI went round the City of Abuja to sample public opinion.

D. Anderson

Honestly, I don’t understand why the government should allow doctors to go on strike when they know that many patients are in critical conditions that require the attention of doctors. They are things that are not supposed to be mentioned at all. A government that cannot take care of the demands of health workers who risk their own lives, to serve and save the lives of Nigerians in the Covid-19 period, that government is irresponsible and a shame to the country. What are they even demanding that the federal government cannot double for them because of the nature of their job? I have also known this government is a total failure in every area. Insecurity challenges and now health workers have gone on strike. Buhari should resign because are tired of this government. I don’t even ask myself what they should do about it. They know and I know it is because of selfishness and personal interest that has made me allow doctors to go on strike. It’s very shameful.

Kunle Adeniji

When people talk about Buhari’s system of government it will look like Nigerians find faults in everything. Just look at what is happening. Why won’t he allow the doctors to go on strike when the lives of himself and his family are not at stake? He has traveled abroad twice lately for medical checkup leaving Nigerians to sort themselves out. It’s called wickedness and they must all reap the fruits. The state of Nigeria health centers and hospitals is nothing to write home about yet millions are allocated to the ministry of health every year. I have been saying it and I will repeat it, the only way to fix the Nigerian health centers is to stop our leaders from travelling abroad for medical checkup. I am very sure that they will do the needful. It is very bad that a huge amount of money is allocated to the health sector yet nothing is working and all our top government officials do is to travel abroad to get good treatment, leaving the poor masses. Buhari and those in position to fix the demands of Nigerian doctors should immediately do it so that patients will have full attention of doctors.

Diana Yusuf

It’s totally wrong for doctors to go on strike because of the patients in various hospitals who are battling with their lives with the help of doctors. I think they should have considered those patients who will lose their lives because there is no doctor to attend to them. Government should attend to the needs of these doctors because they risk their lives to save the lives of many Nigerians. A country where doctors go on strike is in a big mess because they will lose lives and not just that, our image will be affected negatively. I advise the government to immediately negotiate with the doctors so that they can return to their duty post.

Johnson Elelegu

At this point, it is now very clear to everyone that Nigeria is in a very big mess because of the leadership we have. If the leadership has the interest of the people in mind, I am sure doctors will not think of going to strike. We are tired of this government. The only thing working in Nigeria is day and night. Everything under this government is upside down. How do they fix the demands of the health workers when all of them have access to first-class medical care abroad with Nigerian money. This government has never taken anything serious in the country. Look at electricity, take a look at our roads, and check the insecurity challenges in Nigeria. Almost everything in this country has been intentionally ignored and they will only come on TV to tell the world a different thing. Buhari should address this strike issue or be ready to step down. The lives of Nigerians are worth more than gold.

Davis Wole

I don’t understand what the minister of health is doing. Every time it is either doctors are threatening to go on strike or they will succeed in going on strike. It shows incompetency but politics will not allow them to do the right thing. Nobody should blame the government because billions have been budgeted and re-budgeted for the health sector in Nigeria because of COVID-19. So what exactly has those billions of dollars used for? How can doctors who are supposed to be at the Frontline go on strike because they are not taken care of. It is highly unacceptable and I do not condemn the action of the health workers. But I blame the government who made a huge amount of budget to change the health sector system; including taking care of the needs of the workers and nothing is done. How long will every government in Nigeria fail us? Why are they deliberately pulling down this country when other countries they run to were fixed? The government should do the right thing and save the lives of Nigerians who cannot afford trips abroad for medical treatment.

Ubong Menim

Well, it’s no longer a new thing. Anything can happen in Nigeria. Our leaders have completely finished the country. The lives of Nigerians do not matter to them, so they are not moved even if doctors decide to stay one year. I will only appeal to the doctors to consider the poor masses who cannot afford a trip abroad for medical checkup. They should come back to attend to them while they negotiate with the government. This government has never added anything to Nigerians other than setback and hardship. They should grant the request of the doctors and also monitor the health sector because there are many corrupt officers who are embezzling money without doing the right thing.

Ibrahim Mohammed

Well for me I don’t think the president should be blamed because the minister of health was appointed to manage the affairs of the sector. If doctors lack care, the health minister should be called to order because the health sector has been funded and they are supposed to take care of every health worker. Our major issue in Nigeria is corruption and until it is tackled Nigeria will not be in better shape. Some of these doctors that are on strike own personnel hospitals and they give their private hospitals more attention than the government they work for. I advise the government to give them whatever they are demanding because of the lives of Nigerians that are in critical condition. I also want to plead with the doctors to stop this issue of strike which has become a pattern in the country. They can work while talking with the government about their welfare.

Queen Uchala

This issue of doctors embarking on strike almost every time is becoming bad. Doctors are paid a salary, even if there are incentives that should be given to them,  I don’t see any reason they should risk the lives of Nigerians and embark on strike. I mean if doctors all over the country can go on strike what will be the condition of the patients whose case requires serious attention? I believe the Nigerian health sector should be restructured for proper management. Also, the health minister should stand up and work. Sometimes these men take money and allow whatever that will happen to happen because they have coverage.

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