The Beef Is No Longer With Us But The Fans – Davido

The Beef Is No Longer With Us But The Fans – Davido

Davido is no doubt one of the biggest artiste in Nigeria even in Africa, says an artiste who is popularly called OBO speaking on a podcast, opened up on a number of issues which included his beef with his colleague, Wizkid.

Making it know that the beef was no longer on them but their fans.

Obo is known for a number of things order than music, he has made rounds on social media many times either for his show of love, generosity and the nature of his relationship with another top singer Wizkid.

These two names are considered part of the biggest on the lips of Nigerians and even beyond for over ten years, in terms of entertainment and their rifts with each other. It is no news that the two artiste have not been in good terms for some time now and Davido seems to be tired of it.

The FEM crooner addressed the issue and the fact that fans played a big role in their supposed beef and they were using their lives for their own entertainment. According to him, If he and Wizkid were to sit down and talk about their issues, they would discover that they did not have more than one, two or three problems with each other.

He further explained that the beef was no longer about them the artistes but the fans, seeing as they have formed their own different cliques.

The singer said that he and Wizkid used to be good friends and it was surprising that they had never done a song together in 10-years, this fact he attributed to them not being in the same place mentally. There are some people who feel his issue with wizkid made them big while others feel they coming together will make them bigger.

Davido stated how crew members play a role in fueling beef between artistes, an artiste could have been upset at some point and said a lot of things about another., however, he added that he was not the kind of man who was scared to tell his crew members that he doesn’t feel the same way anymore after having beef with someone.

Further speaking, the music star said his crew members could want to push an artiste to take drastic steps but he tells his own boys that the consequences will bear his name and not theirs.

He spoke a little on the high rate of hard substances used in this country, it is better if they take alcohol or weed at most but not graduating to other heavier substances and advised people to desist from it.

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