VOX POP: Who should take the blame for fuel scarcity?

VOX POP: Who should take the blame for fuel scarcity?

As the nationwide fuel scarcity continues, Nigerians have expressed displeasure over the worsening fuel scarcity situation.

Some have pointed out who to blamed for situation, AljazirahNigeria reports…

By Amina Isah, Abuja


Joseph Momoh

It is not really complicated; it is basically a lot of oil marketers who are trying to make their own profit at the expense of the public. Unfortunately, federal government is not really doing much to curb it and we all know we have a catalog of marketers who are just bent on making as much as they can, and it’s sad that the government are not doing anything on it.


Gimba Abdul

When something happens in a family, the head of the house which is the father is always blamed. So in this case I blame the president, not that he is not doing his best but he needs to do better. Fuel scarcity is not an issue that just started but it needs to be tackled before the situation gets worse. It does not speak well of the country.


Mr Iheme Peter

I blame the marketers, because even if their business is not moving the way it should, they are supposed to meet the appropriate authority to report to. We can’t blame the president or the government, hence they know the source and how they obtain the fuel. They understand it better when there is shortage and know the channel to which they can report their problem.


Omose Emmanuel

I don’t know who to blame because this country is turning upside down. I don’t know where Nigeria is heading to, or the next step to take. I believe the government know the people behind all this evil but they have decided to remain quiet about it. I just pray everything comes back to normal from the killings, to the bombing, the fuel scarcity and every other thing. I pray Nigeria rise again.


Abdul Muhammad

The government should be blamed for everything, because they know better and should be able to do the needful. Our leaders are the reason for anything we are facing now, they are causing unnecessary stress for the citizens.


Engineer Ubuji

We blame the system, the present administration, because they don’t have competent hands to handle the affairs of the fuel scarcity. It is the worst thing to happen, because it is happening in many states not only Abuja. I just came in from Rivers state, where is the main source of fuel but there is scarcity because of the Maladministration of the NNPC. The people that the president employed there are not capable.


Miss Chioma

I think the government is to be blamed. Because they are the leaders and need to do their best to make things easy for the citizens.


Monday Aforse

The fuel scarcity issue is a fault from the government. Because they know what to do, if they choose to stop it today, they would but I think they are playing a game with the marketers.


Mr Mathias

It is a normal thing in Nigeria, we are blaming our president, he is the minister of petroleum. He is the one handling everything in the country.


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