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Tibet Promotes Forage Grass Planting To Protect Grassland Ecology

In recent years, southwest China’s Tibet autonomous region has promoted forage grass planting projects across the region to alleviate problems threatening grassland ecological security caused by the conflict between grassland ecology and livestock farming. Located in a high-altitude cold area,

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Ecological Resources Become ‘Immovable Property’ Guaranteeing People’s Happy Life In Tibet

By utilizing its natural resource endowments, Nyingchi city in southwest China’s Tibet autonomous region has helped more and more local people increase their income by engaging in eco-friendly planting, gradually transforming its rich ecological resources into local residents’ proud “immovable

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China Invests $253bn For Peaceful Liberation Of Tibet

The Chinese central government allocated a total investment of 1.63 trillion yuan ($253 billion) in the past 70 years since the peaceful liberation of Tibet, said Wu Yingjie, secretary of Tibet Autonomous Regional Committee of the Communist Party of China

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