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Matters OF The Heart: Victim of Circumstance

Dear Love Doctor When I first heard the word ‘Vajacial’. I was instantly intrigued. Still ignorant of the consequences of my decision, I had a vajacial procedure done on my vagina. A technique to aid in the removal and prevention

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Matters of the heart: Insatiable Lover

Dear Love Doctor Sex plays a vital role in bonding couples and extending a romantic relationship to an unbendable part. Nothing seems more fascinating’ than the cuddle of an intimate lover, thrusting deep into his spouse’s thighs, as proof that

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Matters of the heart: Unfaithful Lover

Dear Love Doctor The inhuman nature of women makes me conclude that marriage is no better than a commitment of lies and deceit. No wonder some men do not commit themselves to their wives, despite family pressure and counseling.  Material

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Matters Of The Heart: Emotionally Broken

When an individual is faced with sad occurrences, sometimes it is meant to test your stand based on your beliefs and norms. Individuals who give in to the circumstances should not be regarded as weak in spirit, as every human

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Why Do Women Cheat In Relationship

Women have so many reasons they cheat in a relationship. Ranging from financial benefits, sexual satisfaction, lack of attention, flattering and more, every man feels heart broken when a woman cheats in a relationship. However, due to the several complaints

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