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U.S. Democratic Presidential Contenders Demand Action On Guns

Democratic presidential contenders on Saturday urged Congress to take action to curb gun violence following mass shootings last weekend in Texas and Ohio that left 31 dead. Speaking at a hastily convened forum in Iowa, they called for the imposition

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Gun sales on the rise in anticipation of a Clinton win

In the run-up to the November 8 elections in the US, Miranda Evans has already noticed an increase in gun sales in her shop in Mississippi. Some customers are worried Hillary Clinton will be the 45th US president. During her

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White Ohio policeman kills black boy, 13, armed with BB gun

A white Ohio policeman responding to reports of an armed robbery fatally shot a 13-year-old black boy after he pulled out what appeared to be a weapon that was later determined to be a BB gun, police said on Thursday.

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Ex-Trump staffer sues campaign, alleges gun incident in North Carolina

A former North Carolina staffer is suing Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, saying a top employee in the state working on the Republican’s White House bid once pulled a gun on him and that after he reported it, the campaign took

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Texas professors ask U.S. court to ban guns in their classrooms

Three University of Texas professors asked a U.S. judge on Thursday to give them the option of barring students from bringing guns into their classroom after the state gave some students that right under a law then went into effect

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Obama seeks note of reconciliation at Dallas memorial

U.S. President Barack Obama urged Americans on Tuesday to cast off despair over violence, to rise above racial divides and to honor five police officers slain in Dallas in a racially motivated attack by building on their call to service.

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U.S. Republicans push back on Democratic gun-control efforts

U.S. congressional Republican leaders on Tuesday resisted Democratic demands for a vote on gun-control measures and warned that some could face punishment for an unusual sit-in last month that tied up the House of Representatives for 25 hours. With Democrats

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