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EU court rejects child benefits challenge

A challenge to the UK’s right to deny some EU migrants child benefit and child tax credits has been rejected by European judges. The European Court of Justice said it was lawful for the UK to withhold family benefits to

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Brexit Would ‘Tear Apart UK’ – Former PMs

Sir John Major has warned that Brexit could “tear apart the UK” and trigger instability in Northern Ireland.  Speaking alongside Tony Blair in Northern Ireland, Sir John said it would be a “historic mistake” to do anything that would undermine

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EU referendum: Sir John Major’s anger at Leave campaign ‘deceit’

Former PM Sir John Major has said he is “angry about the way the British people are being misled” by the campaign to get Britain out of the EU. He told Andrew Marr he feared people would vote to leave

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We can control migration inside EU, says PM

David Cameron has said migration can be managed if the UK remains inside the EU and it would be “madness” to try to control it by voting to leave. He said he did not accept that his pledge to cut

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