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Driven out: Housing crisis looms in flood-stricken Louisiana

With an estimated 40,000 homes damaged by deadly flooding, Louisiana could be looking at its biggest housing crunch since the miserable, bumbling aftermath of Hurricane Katrina a decade ago. People whose homes were swamped by some of the heaviest rains

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Tropical Storm Earl death toll jumps to 38 in Mexico

The death toll in Mexico’s landslides and flooding has jumped to 38 after Tropical Storm Earls swept through the country’s eastern regions. The state worst hit is Puebla, where officials say 28 people died. Another 10 people were killed in

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Baghdad suicide attack death toll rises sharply to 250

The number of people killed in Sunday’s suicide bomb attack in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, has risen to 250, the Iraqi government says. A lorry packed with explosives was detonated in the Karrada district while families were shopping for the

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