Suspension Of Open Grazing By Southern Governors: Nigerians Speak

Suspension Of Open Grazing By Southern Governors: Nigerians Speak
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Following a communique issued at the end of  the maiden edition of Southern Nigeria Governors meeting held in Asaba, Delta State open cattle grazing in the entire states was banned. According to the governors, open grazing has often caused conflicts between host communities and migrant herders, leading to deaths in many states.

The herders have also been accused of committing other criminal acts like armed robbery, rape and kidnapping. What do you think about this decision of the governors? AljazirahÑigeria’s Wisdom Onyeisi and Salome Unwunchola went round Abuja to sample opinions.


I think it is a very good decision. Since the herdsmen has changed from herdsmen to kidnappers and robbers, it is better they are completely banned. Their inhumane act is becoming unbearable. Southern governors should make sure they are chased out, since they have refused to maintain peace in people’s ancestral land. If they refuse to leave it means they want to be forcefully chased out. The southern governors need to protect lives and property of their people. Herdsmen has become a major problem in the southern region. They should relocate to their states or face the consequence.


Honestly, I think it has come to the point of taking such decision because herdsmen are now perpetuating evil in the southern region. They are visitors who came to feed their flocks, yet they are trying to dominate and kill those who accommodated them, nobody will accept that. The decision of the southern governors is a welcome development. If a community says they do not want you again in their community as a stranger, then pick up your things and go away. But in this case I know they will make issues because they have top leaders in Nigeria who is sponsoring the evil act.


Why will the southern governors ban open cattle grazing in their region when the same cattle is helping everybody in the country? They should be careful with their decision because there are also many of their people in the North here enjoying the ancestral land too. It is said by our fathers that when a hand washes another hand, the both hands will become clean. There are things the northern region have they don’t have and their people is enjoying it here. They oppress and attack herdsmen because they are in your communities and you expect them not to defend themselves? This is one Nigeria and we must help ourselves with what God has blessed us with. They have forgotten that they will expose their people in the north to attack with such kind of decision. If they feel herdsmen are behind the kidnapping and robbery in their region they should put security measures in order to maintain peace and order.

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The decision is very good. I agree with them. In fact, the herders should only graze in their own states.

The open cattle grazing has caused a lot of conflict.  If you check in many states, farmers are afraid of going to their farm because of them. They cause trouble, raping women, robbery, and kidnapping and killing people. So my opinion here is that the southern government should stop them so that the lives and property of their people will be safe. The southern governors should not be blamed for their decision, because it is they duty to look into matters like this to proffer solution. The activities of herdsmen has brought fear to Many Nigerians. They can no longer travel safely on Nigerian roads because of this herdsmen who are heavily armed. The decision is right, herders should leave to their states to kill their people.


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The decision of the southern governors should be reviewed in a way that it won’t steer issues in the entire country. If you say they should leave, it means you are telling your people to come back home too. So, what goes around, comes around. I am not supporting the killings and the kidnapping. I think they should have discussed on the way to strengthen the southern region security that will combat this killing and kidnapping not banning the herders from gaining access to their lands for grazing. As you know, the Northerners will not accept it. Even where they do, they will retaliate. To maintain peace and order, strong security measures should be put in place to monitor the activities of the herders.


I am fully in support of the decision of the southern governors. Those herdsmen are not just herdsmen with Cutlass and sticks. They are now well equipped and heavily armed. It shows they are on a mission. The governors cannot close their eyes or pretend not to know what is happening in their region. It’s their duty to protect lives and property at their level. Since herdsmen has decided to do business with the lives of the people in the southern, they should pick their things and vacate the southern communities. They should return to their states and manage what they have. 


It is a very good one. This is not the time to say one Nigeria when lives and properties are in jeopardy. If you have encountered this bad eggs called herdsmen you will understand and appreciate the decision of the southern governors. They are merciless, they are hardened and wicked. They should immediately leave the southern region to their states.  I don’t understand why strangers would want to overshadow the people who own where they are. The decision of the southern governors will help to reduce crime and restore peace and order their region. It is said that, if you do not protect what you have, you should be ready to lose it. Those arms they have were given to them by someone. Those cattle owners should be arrested and investigated because they are using those herdsmen to perpetuate evil.

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I personally commend the southern governors for such a bold step. When they were grazing without attacking farmers in the communities, no body drove them. Right now they have changed from herdsmen to kidnappers and armed robbers, they have overstayed their welcome. You can’t be in another man territory and still trouble him. They are not fools, they will take immediate action. They should relocate to where are coming from since they are abusing the privilege given to them. Southern governors should order security personnel’s to invade bushes and chase them out and put an end to their evil activities.


Now, the governors have acted well. A complete ban of open cattle grazing will put an end to the kidnapping and robbery going on along highways. If anybody feels the decision of the southern governors is not right, he should take his entirely family and put them in the lion’s den let’s watch him. This decision will go a long way to help insecurity matters in the region. I am impressed and I believe this will open the eyes of the federal government to plan well and put an end to insecurity in the country.


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