Suspension Of DCP Abba Kyari: Nigerians Speak

Suspension Of DCP Abba Kyari: Nigerians Speak
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Following an indictment by the FBI and suspension of DCP Abba Kyari by the Nigeria Police Service Commission on the recommendation of the Inspector General of Police in a case of fraud which involves Hushpuppi who was arrested in the US over Multimillion dollar fraud, what is your take on the suspension and how has this affected the integrity of Nigeria in the fight against corruption? AljazirahNigeria’s WISDOM ONYEISI went round the city of Abuja to get the views of the people.

Sylvester Madu

I am not surprised because I have always known that corruption has eaten deep in the bones of Nigerian Police Force. I am not just talking; I am talking from experience with some of the cops officers. They can go at any length to twist matters just to collect bribes. This Abba Kyari issue has really affected Nigeria as a nation because the fraudster who was arrested by the FBI is a Nigerian and the reputation of the Nigerian Police Force is at stake because the issue is handled by international bodies. It is a big stain to the Nigerian Police Force and Nigeria at large. I think this will help put other officers on track because nobody is bigger than the law.

Fejiro Akpo

Honestly, it is a big shame to the Nigerian Police Force because the person involved is not just an ordinary officer but a super cop. It actually got me thinking because this same man has been celebrated many times for his efforts towards fighting crimes. My question is how come he is involved with Hushpuppi who is obviously a fraudster? Well, I do not know everything that happened between them but I know that police in Nigeria serve only the rich people because of their influence and money. As a Nigerian, it bothers my heart that such kind of fraudulent activity is going on among the members of the Nigerian Police Force. What exactly would they want the members of the society to do? If crime and bribery has become the lifestyle of those who should fight against it, it means Nigeria is no longer safe. That is why you see notorious criminals going free from the net of the police because they have been bribed. Nigerian police officers should turn a new leaf and begin to act right by running from the temptation of bribery.

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Patrick Ugbogu

There is nothing hidden under the sun. Nigerians are very disappointed with Mr. Abba Kyari. A top police officer like him has brought total disgrace to the force and Nigerians because the matter is an international issue. Hushpuppi should be given life time jail because it will help other fraudsters learn a lesson. Abba Kyari’s suspension is a bold action taken by the IGP because it will help to instill discipline among other police officers. Nigerians should also stop the attitude of using the Nigerian Police to maltreat each other. It is very common among the influential people in the country. They pay the police to deal with fellow Nigerians especially those who are not influential. It is very wrong and I want the IGP to look into it and make sure police men stop such attitudes.

Queen Ehi

Our major problem in this country is corruption. Not just among the members of the police force, but in every angle in the country. Mr. Abba Kyari’s suspension is to draw the ears of other police officers who indulge in the practice of bribery. This has brought shame to the entire police force because they can no longer be trusted by Nigerians and other nations of the world. As a Nigerian, I wish this did not happen because I love Nigeria and I want the best for this country. People who have chosen to destroy the image of the country should be handled according to the law so that they will understand that everyone is owned by the law. I also advise Nigerian youths to desist from fraudulent activities. It has been humiliating the image of this country. I believe time has come for Nigerians to change that wrong perception by sectioning defaulters.

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Adamu Sambo

Well, if he actually took a bribe from Hushpuppi he brought shame to himself because it was obvious that Hushpuppi’s wealth is from fraud. Hushpuppi should be severely punished because that young man pressured many young Nigerians into fraud because of his constant show of houses, private jets, golden wristwatches and many more. He was always attacking Nigerian artistes, calling their shoes and clothes fake. He paraded him as Gucci brand ambassador, now he has finally come to Abba Kyari who is a top police officer. That young man should be handled like a waste bin. On the side of Abba Kyari, Nigerians should not also forget how he risked his life to fight crimes in the country, he should be punished but she should also be considered. Nobody is a saint, he has not done up to half of the evil some of the politicians do in this country.

Augustus Walter

Well, the suspension of DCP Abba Kyari is as a result of his involvement with Hushpuppi who was arrested for fraud. You see, life is deep. Maybe he was actually thinking he was helping a brother because of his own good heart. Many Nigerians will easily believe what Hushpuppi said because they have never trusted the Nigerian force, forgetting that this same man has done many good works for this country. I am not supporting him for involving him with the fraudster but we should also know that Hushpuppi may have brainwashed him into believing that he is into legit business as he claimed. For me the DCP is a very good man and I have nothing against him because he has proven it to every Nigerian. Now that a stone has been thrown at him, Nigerians will forget his good records. Hushpuppi is an intelligent criminal and he has taken advantage of the good heart of Abba Kyari to get what he wanted. Nobody is above the mistake, he has been corrected by the suspension but he should not be condemned because I believe he was not fully aware of who Hushpuppi is before he was apprehended.

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Dele Adeniji

What he did was very wrong. He has succeeded in spoiling his good records. It is time for Nigerians to understand that nobody is bigger than law no matter how things are manipulated in this country. I believe suspending him will help him trade with caution next time. I believe it was his good records that stood for him, if not, he should have been dismissed. We are tired of the police in this country. Many of them are there to extort, oppress and feed their stomach at the expense of Nigerian image. As for Hushpuppi he should be thoroughly dealt with. I thank God his case is handled by the FBI. If it were to be handled by Nigerian police, he would have long been released because of the high rate of corruption that is in the Nigerian Police Force. But the DCP Abba Kyari and Huspuppi should face the law in order to pass a good message to Nigerians.


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