Senate Rejection Of Electronic Transmission Of Election Results: Nigerians Speak

Senate Rejection Of Electronic Transmission Of Election Results: Nigerians Speak

Following the recent Senate resolution that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC may or may not consider the electronic transmission of results as a result of near-lack in internet broadband coverage as adjudged by the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC and approved by the National Assembly, do you think the electronic voting and transmission system would help in the fair and transparent elections Nigerians yearn for? AljazirahNigeria’s WISDOM ONYEISI went round the City of Abuja to get public opinion.


You see, it is what you get from set of leaders who is not truthful. They know that if they accept the electronic voting system, it will bridge their mischievous activities during election. How can Nigeria grow with this kind of leaders who can do everything possible to bury anything that will deprive them access to what they want? Honestly, it very sad and they should understand that cannot continue to remain in the dark while other nations are fast developing.


It’s very unfortunate that the members of the Senate have decided to allow sentiments without checking how important electronic voting system is to Nigeria. Well, nobody is surprised because they know it will stop them from influencing elections in the country. But they should understand that this act has revealed to Nigerians the nature of leaders they have.


Well, in as much we need such kind of development in Nigeria, I also see reasons with the Senate because before we can embrace certain development, the nature and structure of the country should be properly checkmated. The system will only allow those in the urban areas to carry out their voting activities. But for those in the rural areas, they may not be able to vote because they may not have good knowledge of it. So, it may affect the number of those who will participate in voting exercise. So, there should be proper training before the introduction of the electronic voting system.


The electronic voting system will go a long way to make elections very clear, free and Fair. It will make elections authentic and as well help to avoid negative intrusion. I don’t understand why the members of the Senate are kicking against it. How long will this men who are into politics just for personal interest Continue to hinder the growth of this country? It’s really not funny at all. I have always known that none of them were voted rightly and they know if they allow the introduction of the electronic voting system, it will be a hindrance to them. They should consider the electronic voting system because it will encourage many Nigerians to vote because most Nigerians believe their vote doesn’t not count, so they relent effort to vote.


They will not approve it because they know how authentic the electronic voting system is. That is why many Nigerians has lost interest in voting because they understand that even when they vote, their vote will not count because the winner of every election is selected by a cabal. This is really affecting us in this country because the leaders we have are very selfish and wicked. The electronic voting system is the best thing that can happen to this country. They should watch it and consider it right to do.


If they accept the electric voting system how will they manipulate results again? I watched their arguments and I saw how they were throwing words at each other. It’s very shameful and painful to see our educated and literate Senators trying to avoid the introduction of the electronic voting system because they know what they do to manipulate results. Now you can know the integrity of this senators because it is now as clear as the sky that they lack integrity. Anybody who have right intention for this country will be happy to accept the electronic voting system.


Nigeria is still developing and I think it is not everything we can accept right now. The electronic voting system is very good but how organized are we to be able to effectively use it without having problems. I will advise the government to strategically plan the use of electronic voting system before introducing it into the country. We cannot just use it because other people are using it. Personally, I don’t think we need the electronic voting system now because of other things that are not in good shape yet. I want Nigerians to understand it and they should not see it like there is any wrong motive attached to the refusal of the Senate to accept the introduction of the electronic voting system. Nigeria is on a gradual process, we should not introduce what would destabilise the system we already have on ground.


I was very surprised to see our senators debating on the introduction of the electronic voting system which they are supposed to embrace immediately. How can there be advancement in the country if things that can advance the country are not introduced. I personally believe that the electronic voting system will go a long way to strengthen and authenticate the election results in the country. It will also help to set a standard for free and fair election in the country. There is no disadvantage in it and I think it should be considered to encourage many Nigerians who has lost the interest to vote.


I have always known that the electronic voting system will be the last thing that the members of the Senate will accept to introduce in Nigeria. I do not even see it happening now because none of the leaders emerged without influencing election results. Nigerians should forget about it because our leaders will never approve it. It is very sad that Nigerians has been robbed of good governance. We will continue to pray and believe God to raise godly leaders who will be willing to do the right things.


Electronic voting system is the best way to conduct a free and fair election. Things are changing, nations are advancing and many systems are improving. Why will our senators refuse to accept the introduction of the electronic voting system in Nigeria? I don’t know long this leaders will continue to suppress the growth of this country because of their selfish interest. It is no longer hidden that all of those leaders manipulated things to get to where they are because Nigeria is lacking the basic things and system that will help bridge corrupt practices. They should allow the electronic voting system because it will change and reposition the leadership system in Nigeria.

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