Senate Recommendation For Creation Of New States: Nigerians Speak

Senate Recommendation For Creation Of New States: Nigerians Speak
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Due to the recent recommendations by the Senate Committee on constitutional amendments for the creation of 20 more states in the country, Do you think creating more states will help Nigeria’s economic development, boost the nation’s GDP, make the states viable and bring about the needed development? AljazirahNigeria’s WISDOM ONYEISI went round the city of Abuja to get the views of the public.

Samson Arinze

Well, to me I do not see the need of creating more states when the ones we have have not been well managed. They should be thinking of improving governance and how to adopt strategies that will help to improve the lives of Nigerians. I think creating states involves a lot because there are a lot to be considered before a certain area can be called a state, which requires the capacity of the resources of those areas for sustenance and maintenance. I don’t think creating more states is the primary challenge of this country now. They should work on the economy by dealing with corrupt practices, hold the structures on ground and monitor the excesses of every level of government. I still maintain they improve the standard of living of Nigerians not creating more states.

Susan Ebele

To me, I think it is a welcome development. At least, let’s try something new this time. I believe if more states are created, it will bring up a new system that will bring more jobs and improvement to the standard of living in the country. I think it will be a way of bringing the government closer to the people. Nigeria is a very large country; even most of the African countries are just two or three states in Nigeria. It’s another form of structure that will reinforce the government to meet the needs of the people easily and smoothly.

Frankly Duke

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I support the creation of more states in Nigeria because it will open up more and larger opportunities for areas that have not well reached. It is another kind of development that will reshape Nigeria. Yes, it definitely changes many things in the country. For instance, it will create more political positions in the government, create more jobs, facilitate the growth of Nigeria in diverse areas and improve the lives of Nigerians too. It is just like opening more opportunities for investment and proper coordination in the country. I will be glad to see more States in Nigeria and I see it as a good strategy for good governance.

Dickson Tennessee

For me, creating more states without a change in the mindset of our politicians is just like wasting time and resources. What is the need of creating more states when we lack a credible leadership system in Nigeria? Our problem is the leadership not the size of the country or the states already existing. There are 36 States already and even if it is increased to 50 or 100 states at a time, Nigeria will still remain the same if our leaders refuse to do the right thing with their positions. The mindset of every Nigerian leader is to embezzle money and save for generations yet unborn. They are not out for the right thing. So if there is a change of leadership system, Nigeria will be even better even merging already existing states. The Senate should watch out for governance not creating more problems called State.

Morris Oluwaseun

Right now, Nigeria is battling insecurity and poverty. The Senate should be thinking of passing bills that will eradicate poverty in Nigeria not creating more states. The existing states are overwhelmed with challenges of proper management even with enough financial capacity. They should be talking of strategies of giving good life to Nigerians by way of organizing more empowerment programmes in Nigeria. If the lives of the people are touched and improved everything in the already existing state will go smoothly.

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J.T Ibrahim

I think creating more states is a good idea because it’s also a way of creating more opportunities that will help Nigerians in different areas. I will also add that they should create more states with a unique structure in order to help Nigerians improve in their standard of living. I believe it is a transformative way of bringing the government closer to the people. It will enable the government to pay more attention to the needs of the people and also help boost the economy of Nigeria in different areas. The Senate should restructure the new states and provide a system that will bring great difference to Nigeria at large. I sincerely appreciate it and I am in full support of it.

Ossai Olisekwu

Oh yes, I think Nigeria currently needs something like that in order to help spread good governance. I think creating more states will give opportunity to new things to come and help give Nigeria a new look. Although there are many challenges facing Nigeria at large right now, I think what Nigeria needs at this moment is good structure and governance. If creating more states will create more jobs and change the lives of Nigerians, I am very much in support because everyone has been looking forward to seeing the new glory of Nigeria come forth. The Senate should plan and re-plan the state, they should not just create states and make laws, they should make these new States different from others that have been created before. Congratulations to Nigeria in advance.

Usman Umar

Yes, instead of changing the name of the country, they should create more states and rebrand Nigeria. We want a working system and a working government. In fact, If creating more states will reset the entire Nigeria, I think it will help everyone at different levels to enjoy the benefits of good governance. I will advise the Senate to critically and carefully work on the new states in order to set a new standard. I think their major goal is to restructure Nigeria in order to improve lives. I give them full support and I will be glad to be in a state where there are new doors that will help change lives. I accept it and I would like to see that happen soon.

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Uchala Fednard

Sometimes, I wonder what our senators are thinking. How does creation of more states help Nigeria out of the present state we are now? They should give attention to things that will drastically change lives and not create more states that will give opportunity for more embezzlement. Honestly, I don’t think we need more states. I think we should strategize on how to totally fight corruption and change leaders whose records are not helping this country. The Senate should not be distracted by creating states when our biggest challenge in Nigeria is management. How can the states be well runed, when there are no good managers (leaders). The Senate should focus on other profitable strategies that will help Nigerians in a better way.


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