Second Phase Of Covid-19 Lockdown: Nigerians Speak

Second Phase Of Covid-19 Lockdown: Nigerians Speak
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With fears that the country might go into another phase of COVID-19 lockdown. What is your advice to the government? AljazirahNigeria DEBORAH ABIODUN and AYOMIDE ALAGBE went round the city of Abuja to get the response of Nigerians.


Nigeria government should not dare to bring another lockdown to this country after six months of lockdown this year that have ruined many people’s lives and we are trying to pick up the pieces of our lives to see if we can still meet up this year and all the government can think of is another lockdown.

APC-led Federal Government is actually joking. 2023 is around the corner, we shall see.


This is unbelievable; I can’t believe that with all what this country has gone through in this year, the government is still thinking about another lockdown. How can we go on lockdown when it’s been recorded that cases of COVID-19 are dropping and as a result of that two isolation centers in the country have been shut down. My advice to the government is that they shouldn’t welcome the idea of lockdown; else the youths will resist it.


We would keep having problem in this country, if the government keeps thinking that they are leading fools and dumb who are ignorant of all their plans and can’t speak. Who doesn’t know that there is no COVID-19 in Nigeria? We are not ignorant of the truth that the government only initiated Covid-19 in Nigeria, just to rob people of their hard earned money and render 2020 a fruitless year. The government shouldn’t let another lockdown happen for the peace and progress of this country. The people will resist it.


To some extent, I know that the governments are trying to keep us safe from this virus but they look out for other measures that do not require lockdown to protect citizens. The thing is that we are grateful for life but this lockdown has served people sorrowful dishes in the past six month. Many people lost their home because they couldn’t pay house rent, some lost their family because they couldn’t go out to struggle  daily and feed their family, some lost their jobs because work wasn’t functioning well, the admin had to lay some staff off, salaries slashed and many more. We don’t want to go through another awful experience of lockdown. The government should please find another means to get rid of COVID-19 rather than lockdown.


How on earth can the government consider lockdown, when students are far behind their scheme and instead the government should find means to resolve whatever issue that is still keeping some students at all, so that all of them can return back to school and meet up. They are considering another lockdown. Nigeria is just messed up and this won’t change until some covetous persons are kicked out of power. We want and yearn for a better country and not a country that rules some people that place their stomach above the poor masses’ needs.


I would just advise the government not to welcome any idea of a second phase lockdown, if there should be any lockdown now it is more like putting an end to the country. People are already tired, frustrated and desperate. To avoid destruction in the country, there should be no lockdown.


Another phase of COVID-19 pandemics in the country, I see no reason for another lockdown in the country. The government knows that the last lockdown that happened affected and is still affecting the whole country now they want to bring up another form to eat up our money again. Anyways my advice to the government on this is that they should make sure it won’t stop the people’s business, therefore we cannot afford to slow down and we must never compromise. Let us continue to learn from the history of pandemics by avoiding the mistake that happened in the last six months.


The issue of COVID-19 in the country has turned into another thing, when the government knew that it will still do another lockdown they shouldn’t have asked people to resume back to their normal day activities in the first place. It took us months to recover from the first lockdown now the government wants another. Though I can’t really tell what the government is up to this time, they should make sure all is in order, and also they should make feeding easy for everyone in the country.


My advice to the government concerning the rumored second phase of lockdown is that, the federal government should make everything available in the country, they should not stop anybody from doing their business in the way that would favor them and those that are going to working too, they should not close down school because it had nothing to do with this and besides they can just give time to go out and time to come in at least with this we are good to go and everything will be okay.


I think by now the government should have learnt from their past mistakes, so by now they should know what to do and what not to do. My advice to the government is that they should make their plans very well so that what happened in the last six months won’t repeat itself again. What so ever they are given to share should be done equally and they should be no rooms for cheating, corruption and discrimination in the country still the lookdown is over and everything is back to normal.


I don’t know to what so say about this but my advice to the government is that they shouldn’t make thing hard the like the last one and they should do something reasonable while we sit at home still the lockdown is over and they put we student in mind because it just as if they are waiting for us to pay our school fee again then they will start the lockdown, government should just do whatever they want but they shouldn’t hurt the country with this lockdown thing again.


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