Scraping Cut-Off Mark By Jamb: Nigerians Speak

Scraping Cut-Off Mark By Jamb: Nigerians Speak

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) recently cancelled cut-off marks for entrance into tertiary institutions, to allow the schools to set their minimum benchmarks.  Do you think this decision will help aspiring students? AljazirahNigeria Wisdom Onyeisi went round the city to sample opinions.


I suggest that JAMB should be scrapped; the polytechnic or university should be doing the exams themselves. JAMB has been frustrating aspiring tertiary aspiring students. Not just the cut off mark, the federal government should consider abolish JAMB entirely and regulate and monitor the system of the tertiary institution in order to avoid bribery.  In my views JAMB exam is unnecessary; students should deal directly with the institution of their choice. It will help cut down too many procedures. Imagine an aspirant repeating JAMB exams for many years yet no admission from tertiary institution of their choice. Sometimes, some of them will have good scores and perform poorly in aptitude test. It’s hectic and uncalled for. I appreciate the development and I wish the FG scrap JAMB.


The system is so corrupt, once u write Jamb you wait and start praying and believing God for a good result, but once is in d hands of d school to decide, students will not read again, rather they will bribe their way in through some corrupt officials in some the tertiary institutions. Also, it will help aspirants that JAMB has been frustrating. There are many intelligent Nigerian students Jamb has kept at home for a long time. It is not that they are not doing well, but it seems their names are just mapped out for failure in jamb office no matter what they write. The tertiary institutions should make sure aspirants are well screened and also avoid any form of bribery.


It is a welcome development because it helps universities and polytechnics admit more students that have been limited by JAMB cut off mark for many times. I think there will be no need for school aptitude test. It should be properly planned and coordinated to avoid giving some corrupt officials the opportunity to influence admissions in the tertiary institutions. It should be strictly on merits so that the population of aspirants can also be controlled.


I think the system is not changed but it was responsibility that was only changed.  The tertiary institutions decide the cut off mark by engaging students into tests. For me it is still the same process. Why would aspirants pass through this hectic procedure?  Well, universities and polytechnics should not make it difficult for students. The only thing is that tertiary institutions will now admit more students because I know JAMB has been a hindrance to many aspirants. Now many brilliant aspirants have been liberated from the shackles of JAMB cut off mark. I think it is very good news for JAMB aspirants and parents.


 It is a good policy direction. But I think the system should be completely changed to help aspirants have easy access to school. JAMB should be completely removed. Over the years, most intelligent students find it difficult to buy form and register for jamb because of the state of the country. Government should make it a system to sponsor certain number of students who did very well in order to enhance the interest of aspirants, especially this time that many students are distracted by yahoo business. Some them, once they write JAMB and they are not admitted, they will join Yahoo and loose interest in school because of hectic procedures. This is a very bold step, and I think as time goes on, government should see the need to remove JAMB completely and restructure the system of the tertiary institutions on admission.


It’s going to raise a lot of issues in the tertiary institutions. It will open up various institutions for corruption and manipulation. I believe the need for JAMB is cut off mark is to regulate the number of aspirants and also make sure aspirants are well prepared and qualified to be in the university or polytechnic and colleges. It will affect the system because many parents will like to influence admissions to enable their children be in the institution they desire. The right authority should make sure the new procedure is coordinated and monitored to avoid diminishing the system.


It’s not bad because it will give many aspirant hope of having less hectic procedures.  Meanwhile, they should also give JAMB results two years expiration. Many student will write JAMB and will not be offered admission and still come back to register for another JAMB. It has really bridged the interest of many Nigerian students aspiring for tertiary institutions. So, if they still want to retain JAMB they should allow JAMB results to be valid for two year to help students who has been frustrated many times.  Meanwhile, the tertiary institutions should also look into their system, now that they have been saddled with the responsibility of deciding cut off mark and regulate the admission processes.


Honestly, it is going to help a lot of tertiary institution aspirants to have a quick access to admission. A lot of them have spent time and money writing Jamb many times. I think if universities and polytechnics decide their cut off marks students will have more chances of having admission and it will motivate more students to pursue their career. I know a lot them who lost interest because they were not admitted after many times they tried. I think the latest decision will go a long way to help aspirants.


Well, I think it is a good one. The procedures are just too much. The universities and polytechnics should be allowed to run and decides their admission processes. Every year large number students who enroll for JAMB exams end up not scoring up to the cut off marks because of the questions and probably lack of preparation. I remember, the first time I wrote JAMB, I studied but the questions and the tension was too much. Even when the results were out, two was released and the other two was withheld, I know it was because they were omitted. You see many things happen with Jamb exam. Some are omitted, I think some are deliberately ignored, some are released and while some are seized. If it is possible to scrap JAMB, I think it will be very nice. Tertiary institutions should gain control and coordinate admission processes without hectic procedures.

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