School Resumption Amid Escalating Economic Tides

School Resumption Amid Escalating Economic Tides
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As the merriment of the Christmas and New Year festive periods put behind us, the majority of parents in Nigeria are now grappling with the daunting challenge of returning their children and wards to school in the face of the increasing economic hardship which most of them are confronting. Most school calendars stipulate that their academic activities had resumed beginning from last week.

Most of the parents that are already confronted with the daily hassle of putting food on the table are now faced with the burden of having their wards return to school.

What makes this a more devastating debacle is the fact that most privately owned schools in the country which are in dominance have made it a matter of policy to have parents present their bank payment receipt at the school gate upon resumption before their wards would be allowed in. This furthers attests to the fact that the school owners are not exempted from the horrendous bite of the economic tide.

With the resumption of schools for the second term, many parents are under increasing financial pressure and are struggling to bankroll their children’s school resumption expenditure following the worsening economic situation in the country.

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Payment of children’s school fees at any level of education remains a critical factor in re-admitting students in new sessions or term as well as participating in examinations or other extracurricular activities. From nursery, primary, secondary or tertiary levels, school authorities take their fees seriously as it is also their business.

Usually, parents who are saddled with this singular responsibility may default because of one reason or the other. In some cases, the parents have to convince the school authorities so as to allow their ward some level of grace and the parents would definitely pay later at most before the term runs to an end.

AljazirahNigeria is aware of the economic challenges outside insecurity that have confronted everyone including the private school proprietors who established schools to complement the public schools managed by the governments at various tiers. We understand that challenges to foot the overhead bills and provide quality materials that aids in the teaching and learning. The situation the country is in now calls for circumspection in taking decisions. Owing to the fact that it is not too good for parents to delay or not pay the tuition fees of their ward and it could have ripple effect when children of school age were sent home to waste away owing to nonpayment of tuition fees as they may fall into the wrong hands and constitute nuisance thereby increasing the numbers of out-of-school children.

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We are also aware that the management of some schools has increased their tuition fees with reckless abandon owing to the same economic hardship to meet up with the general increase in prices of commodities including school and learning materials.

We lament that the present economic situation in the country is being felt by the parents and call on the government to ameliorate the pangs of economic hardship by supplying textbooks to both private and public schools.

Parents should manage and not exceed their level of expenditure. They should give priority to their children’s school fees by making necessary sacrifices.

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Some parents would always complain about hikes in school fees, however knowing full well the value of education, they should always make a concerted effort to shoulder the responsibility of paying their wards school fees.

AljazirahNigeria urges parents to bridle their excesses by imbibing sacrifice, discipline and self-control in terms of spending, adding that the present economic situation was a blessing in disguise.

We task parents to be alive to their responsibilities and expectations, enjoining them to give the education of their children top priority. We can’t compel the school proprietors but pray to them to express understanding where possible and allow some grace to parents since they will definitely pay their ward’s tuition fee as our country and the world in general are suffering socio economic hardship occasioned by the COVID-19 Pandemic.


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