Sapphire Scents: From Little Beginnings To Multi-Million Naira Venture

Sapphire Scents: From Little Beginnings To Multi-Million Naira Venture
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By Victoria Apata

Adewale Aladejana is a socialite, father of two beautiful kids, classy, and a fashionista. He is the CEO of Sapphire Scents, one of Nigeria’s leading perfumeries.  A graduate of Mass Communication from Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State, the Ekiti state indigene rather chose to go into the fashion industry.

  He is known as the master of perfumes.

Last week, AljazirahNigeria Fashion engaged the easy going dude and he had this to say:

About his perfumes; how it all began

Personally, I have always appreciated aroma anytime and anywhere. In life, God has blessed us humans with diverse gifts but unfortunately, most people have misused these gifts, while others are using them effectively to bless others.

But then I never imagined something great, worthwhile and unique could come out of it. By standing near me I could tell you the scent you are wearing. I didn’t take the gift seriously until in 2015 when the salary I used to earn, which is N150,000.00 was no longer sufficient to take care of the family while living with my older brother including wife and kid. Then I realised I needed a better source of income, so I began to think of what next to do.

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I acknowledge my wife who stood by me throughout those difficult times. Along the way, some of my friends started using this special fragrance. It was as a result of my finding that it was substandard and someone can get OUD from the Middle East.

OUD is an essential oil gotten from the back of trees. It is a parasite that destroys a tree that now brings out the scent of it. The same year, I started Sapphire Scents with just N30,000.00. Gradually, Sapphire Scents commenced with an advert on social media as OUD. Today the business has gone to multimillion naira status. By God’s grace this year we would hit the billion naira mark.

About “Eko” Scent

After a long while, Sapphire began to get franchise all over and did not understand how. But we had to source for people who could partner with the company. In terms of taking a franchise and Sapphire Scents itself through our stores all over. Our branches are in Wuse II and Maitama in Abuja, and in Lagos we also have branches on the  Island and on the mainland.

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Any favourite?

I like blending two or three scents together. I wear Epiphany and OudMagnifique. They are my favorites because I go for something different from every other thing I have smelt before. The more its different, the more attraction for it.


Pastor BiodunFatoyinboof  COZA.  It amazes me when God put one man in your life. He is everything I need, blesses me with pieces of advice and when he talks to me I never forget anything he says and anytime I abide by them, I see the results. Be smart and listen and you will avoid so many mistakes in life.


People can say whatever they like but my watchword is: “make sure that anyone who has ever looked down on you realises they have made mistakes.” Sapphire Scents is a place you can sit on any shelf in the world comfortably, you can compete with any brand in the world and beat them hands down. Most perfumes don’t have the quality of packaging, and quality service.

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Combining business with marriage

In marriage, once your partner understands you, then you can think of building a team and that is what my wife and I have established with creative and organising skills. It is had to stay away from each other. That is why she said yes to me.

Advice for the younger generation

Get a mentor, someone that you truly respect, put yourself together and learn from them. Secondly, build around your gift. Michael Jackson after his “Billy Jean” concert, cried backstage because he thought nobody loved his dance steps but someone told him he could do it. Passion will take you to where talent cannot.

Napoelium Bonaparte, during the war told the soldiers to fight well. “Either we win or die,” he said. That is passion.



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