Sale Of Public Assets: Nigerians Speak

Sale Of Public Assets: Nigerians Speak
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Following the recent announcement by the Federal Government to sell off some national assets to fund the 2021 budget deficit, AljazirahNigeria’s WISDOM ONYEISI went round the City of Abuja to get the responses of the public.


Selling national assets that are liabilities to fund the #13.

58 trillion 2021 Budget is something we should not talk about. It is condemnable by me because the FG wants to use it to fund the budget instead of proffering solutions to youth unemployment.

I am not against selling national assets that are liabilities. If sold, it should be used for other things that will benefit the unemployed graduates.

This is not the first time Nigeria government is sponsoring an annual budget, if they claim that there is no fund, they should reduce the salaries of our political office holders, use it to sponsor this year’s budget.


They should continue; very soon indigenes would be sold to fund the 2021 budget. What do we have left if all the assets are going to be sold, what happened to the abandoned properties owned by government officials? How many estates does one public office holder own? If they sell all the assets which they started last year. What is the alternative plan for rebuilding? Or is that how they will continue selling assets each year? Like I said, they will soon sell indigenes


Every time they are saying they don’t have money and they want to lend money from one sector to another what they are using the money for; I don’t even know

Well, I can’t say anything but observe how things are going in this country. Whatever that they like they should do with the country. We are tired and disappointed already.

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Think that it will be better if it will go in the right direction since the government cannot manage national assets. What is the need of having useless assets that are gulping so much money to maintain even without generating income for the country? They should go ahead and do the right thing and make sure Nigerians are not disappointed again. 


It’s a pity! Selling national assets to fund the budget is not the challenge. Our leaders are heartless. They sell those assets to themselves and also share the money. I am weeping for this government. A group that has chosen to dry up the resources of the country without investing on tangible things that will boost the economy of the country. Whether they sell national assets or not, they have failed the people. There are possible adjustments that can be done in different sectors in the country to generate funds. Government should help this country to grow and not to make it static.


You see, selling assets to sustain a country, instead of building more assets is a setback. It shows the country is not growing. It is a big disappointment. Government should be able to make proper plans and strategize on how to fund the country without selling off what they used money to build. To me, it’s a bad move and bad news. I am ashamed of this government. 


Our leaders have finally brought shame to this country. They should sell Nigeria too. It’s funny and very annoying. They have subjected the country to debt upon debts, now they want to start selling national assets to fund the budget they will embezzle. No good citizen will be happy to hear this bad news. When other countries were developing and lending money to other nations, Nigerian government was busy borrowing and selling national assets. It’s a big shame. We regret electing this government.

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Well, it’s not a bad move.  With proper planning I believe we can still build more assets. Those who do not understand may criticize the move because they do not understand what it takes to run a country. There are assets that are becoming a liability to the country, if they can no longer be managed, they should be sold off to build better ones. My advice to the government is to channel and use the budget without diverting it. Nigerians are watching the government, they should make a positive outcome with the fund they will generate from those assets that will be sold.


This is a clear sign that these people will sell everyone in this country one day.

They borrowed a lot of money and now they want to sell national assets. Where are we heading to? Do they really consider the future of this nation? Why is this government trying to cripple this country?

Nigeria has all it takes to fund the budget. We generate revenues from different sectors of this country. Adjustment should be made on the huge salaries of the politicians in the National assembly and House of Representatives. The money recovered from looters is even enough to fund the budget but they cannot be traced. It’s too bad.


That is exactly what happens in a country where there is no proper structure. No structure and proper planning, no accountability. They have finished this country, now they want to sell national assets, Nigeria is completely finished. What a government. Sincerely, the move is not encouraging and it shows the incompetence of the present government. They have failed in every area. They should give the opportunity to the younger ones to restructure and rebrand this country.

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You know, I have always known that our leaders can shock us at any time. I was not surprised to hear it. That is the only solution they can think of because they are looking for ways to dry up this country. They want to fund the budget they will embezzle. They did not disclose those assets they wanted to sell. I am even surprised they announced it. I was expecting to hear that they have sold the assets. We cannot continue like this. We can’t go forward by selling our assets. Nigeria needs resetting and rebranding.


It’s not about selling or not selling. It’s about management. Nigeria government has lost management skills. If they sell national assets to fund the budget, they will still mismanage it. Nigerians have lost confidence in this government. What they have budgeted for will at the end not be achieved because of mismanagement. They should use it to do what will benefit Nigerians and also what will boost the economy of the country.


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