Safety Of Boarding School Students: Nigerians Speak

Safety Of Boarding School  Students: Nigerians Speak
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Following the increasing rate of kidnapping of students in various institutions across the county, do you think the government is doing enough to protect the lives of students in boarding schools? AljazirahNigeria’s Salome Unwuchola anchored it from Lokoja.


When you take a look at the issues of insecurity in the country, it is obvious that the effort the government officials claim to be putting in place is nothing to write home about.

It is beginning to look like we live in a country where the governments are not in action, you will see situations where the governments take issues that are not so serious.

The governments need to start taking this issue very seriously before it gets out of hand; I believe the government knows how to deal with these kidnappers if they want to. Let’s just put our trust in the government and see how it goes.


Looking at the recent kidnapping, it is very evident that the educational sector is in great danger, the Chibok has come and gone, if the government are putting in their best you would agree with me that the schools would have been protected and given adequate security, but we see that the reverse is the case, recently in Kaduna, bandits asking ransom from the government and all that .if the government where on their feet they would have brought the case of kidnapping at least to its barest minimum.


The issue of kidnapping is not something new in this country which is very shameful. Just recently, on the 19th of February, the Dapchi school girls were abducted by bandits, these kidnapping has cast a pall over education particularly of girls. These towns and villages where these abductions took place were unguarded, anyone can just barge into the school anyhow and at any time.

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The security forces appear to be too slow to respond to distress call before and after any kidnap, amnesty report stated that distress calls got to the army about four hours before the kidnap in Dapchi, still the military got there one hour after the bandits left .it is so clear that the government is not doing anything at all and it is affecting our education.


Nigeria has witnessed an aberration in the government, the police and even the military, they all seem to care about their pockets alone and nothing else. If they were doing enough those girls would have been abducted and we the students would not be living in fear on campus, if they cannot protect our young ones in secondary schools, is it we the youths they will protect. We need protection in our schools. let my mind even be at peace, most times i can’t help but think about family at home, because the day that is happening in this country is so scary.


The government are trying but not willing to give their best, in fact  Nigeria is one of the first country amongst the 37 countries that endorsed the safe school declaration (SSD) and following the two incident on other occurrences of kidnap of students in boarding schools across the country, the Nigerian government should have put in place adequate security arrangement to ensure safety of students and kept in the care of the schools and education authorities everywhere in the country especially in such locations that are prone to attacks from the bandits, but the government seem slow in implementing this action. But on a general note the government is trying but not their best.

Am sure the governments are putting in place more strategies to properly address this issue. I believe the governments are more than able and capable of handling this issue, it may only take time.

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They are actually not doing enough to protect the students; the rate of the kidnapping is alarming. Let’s even talk about the security in the schools. Imagine, they assigned the old men without arms to protect the students against young, energetic and armed  kidnappers .They have no other option than to run away from protecting the students.

The government should assign young, capable and armed security agents to schools. At least it will be a good start, because these old men need rest, their bones are already weak. Some of them do this job just to make ends meet, to survive.

Even some of these kidnappers are graduates, they simply took to crime because there are no jobs, if the economy is good and doing very well it will also help in reducing the issue of kidnapping. So that we would not get to a point where we would have to stop our children and siblings from going to school just for their safety.


I really fear for my siblings in boarding school, because I know they are in great danger. So many Nigerians are looking forward to seeing a better Nigeria in terms of security but things seem to be getting worse. I just hope that our northern sisters and children are protected from these kidnappers.

I was on my way traveling to Lokoja sometime ago, on our way we got to a point where we practically saw that the vehicles that went before us were stopped by bandits and abducted, I was so afraid, and then later I imagined if I was even part of the people that were kidnapped, schools in the trauma would have been too much for me talk more of little children in secondary is so painful, not for them alone but for their parents too.

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Seeing their children leave for school and then sudden news of abduction, meaning they won’t see their children, its heart breaking. Governments please come to our aid.


For me, following the increasing rate of kidnapping, I would say the government is not performing their duty because from different institutions in different states there is low level of security, sometimes when I travel I see how these men at the checkpoint just collect fifty naira, twenty naira without even checking the bags in the car or anything. What if there are kidnappers in the car or what if something is actually wrong with someone in the car and being threatened with a gun or something, but I don’t really blame them because if they were properly paid, they wouldn’t be taking such money?


This country needs urgent attention from the government; it is so sad that we are not getting it, what would it take them to provide security for us? Nothing .A few weeks back students were abducted in Kagara, just a few weeks ago.

From the time this kidnapping of students started till now, if the government took security seriously, it would have been reduced to its nearest minimum but no, the reverse is always the case nothing seems to be happening.

Look at how long it took the president to change the service chiefs, although it is too early to conclude, but I hope they all sit up and do better because the security situation in this country is turning into a sorry case.


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