Sad Killing Of A Military Couple

Sad Killing Of A Military Couple

It was a bizarre spectacle, the beheading of a pair believed to be military personnel and awaiting to tie the nuptial nuts before they were caught up in a strange circumstance by sheer criminals in their unprotected den.

The husband-to-be, a retired soldier and his fiancée, a serving military personnel were the feast of a blood thirsty group who not only feasted on their death but relished stripping the lady of her perhaps once -priced attribute, her private part.

If the details of the video that went viral is anything to accommodate, it speaks one common language which is sheer barbarism and a descent to the state of nature. It appeared that all the security apparatus went asleep when these unhindered gentlemen unleashed the unprecedented singular mayhem.

Given that we have been dealing with large scale pogrom which has not been isolated as a one-off situation but for us to witness an orchestrated and unprovoked murder of these individuals, though of the military stock, but not parading any military paraphernalia suggests that there could be more than meets the eye.

The event has since sparked a national condemnation with the military high command calling for a probe into this sad episode.

AljazirahNigeria is worried that the South-east is becoming a shame that was never envisaged by its ancestors. There is a need for them to streamline their focus and present a front that can speak for them. In a matter of fact, we are concerned that leaders of the beleaguered South-east states are relinquishing their capacities and indeed their personal attributes is the concern, thus to prove their mettle, has become difficult for a coming front to make their demand feasible.

We are worried by the affront of the now ubiquitous unknown gunmen; it has become a national disaster to allow their excesses thrive.

We are aware the man, though relatively young, has retired as a non-commissioned officer as a Sergeant Major, a rank that thousands cherish before exiting military service. His fiancée was believed to be on a trip towards making a home together before they were apprehended by the dare-devil criminals.

We salute their courage in the face of this dehumanising carnage, especially when they did not put any resistance to their killers. They quietly succumbed to the dictates of the murderers in that gruesome moment.

For their respective families, it is difficult to assuage their pains but we urge that they put this sordid event behind and allow their pains to wane. We commiserate with families and friends on these irreparable losses.  

We appreciate the response of several Nigerians who did not fail to call this event a national disaster.

The couple was essentially an epitome of national integration, given the ethnic latitude that they belonged to. They put behind ethnicity and other differences only to become victims of a heartless crew.

The couple would go down in history as one that had wanted to cement ethnic plurality without borders as we urge more Nigerians to shun chauvinism capable of rocking our boat.

Our country is however larger than the spurious intentions of individuals and we believe it will continue to endure the very difficult times. In love, unity and equity we stand.

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