Review Of Petrol Price And Electricity Tariff: Nigerians Speak

Review Of Petrol Price And Electricity Tariff: Nigerians Speak

Following the crises that have rocked the energy sector in recent times, the Federal Government and organized labour will reconvene negotiations to finalise decision on appropriate pricing of petrol and electricity tariff by mid-April. What are the expectations?  AljazirahÑlgeria’s Wisdom Onyisi and Salome Unwchola went round the city of Abuja to sample opinions.

Mr. Emmanuel Akin

As far as I am concerned, there’s nothing that stands and stand out in this country. Even after the negotiation concerning fuel and electricity tariff, this government will still do it in their usual way of doing things. I do not expect anything from them because I know they will still fail to do the right thing. They should stop negotiating and set up a good structure that will help Nigerians in that area. We have all it takes to sustain and maintain constant electricity in Nigeria, why are they not looking into how to improve it?

Petrol is another resources Nigeria have, they should work out a good structure and plan on how to reform our refineries, instead of exporting it to refine abroad. How long are we going to keep paying extra for what we have? It’s very wrong.

Mr. Chuks Hycent

I don’t think we have expectations towards the ongoing fuel difficulties in this country. The Federal Government has disappointed the masses. Majority of us are not happy because of the ongoing negotiation. It is not actually the first time the country is facing the challenges of buying what they have with at a very high price. It is very bad. Now, concerning electricity tariff. It is the worst thing happening in the country. The promises from the leaders have been rocked down. We are just watching, so whatever the decisions they are taking, the masses are watching because it didn’t start today.

Miss. Favour Nze

Nigeria is a failed country. The Federal and State governments and other bodies have failed the country without any consideration for the masses they serve. They have been blinded by corruption and mismanagement.

The negotiation is just cover up to fool the masses; the price of both petrol and electricity has come to stay.

But my expectation is for the prices should be reduced. We can’t be exporter of petrol and electricity and be paying heavily for it.

Mr. Adeboye Oluwaseun

What are they negotiating? It’s simply formalities. We are tired of this nonsense. It is very shameful that we are paying heavily for what we own in this country, because of the wickedness of our leaders. They have already made their decision, they know what they want to tell  Nigerians, it is not about negotiation, it is about the determination to improve electricity in Nigeria, not only sitting to negotiate price, they should sit to improve the lives of Nigerians.

Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed

I personally want the Federal Government to reduce petrol price and electricity tariff to help Nigerians. It is what we produce; we should not pay too much to have it. Government can perfectly fix a price that will not affect Nigerians. Their negotiation and decision should for the best interest of Nigerians.

Mrs. Esther Elvis

They should negotiate and make sure the price of petrol and electricity tariff is drastically reduced. Nigerians are finding it very difficult to survive in this government because of the deplorable leadership. This government should understand that they were elected into office to help the people and the country become better not worst. If this government can work on electricity tariff and petrol price they will win the heart of the people.

Mr. Donald Ubong

There’s nothing like negotiation. They will lobby labour and they will do what they want to do. There’s nothing new I am expecting than the same thing. This government is selfish. When you sit down to check the activities and the things happening in Nigeria you will find out that there is no good plan to transform and improve the lives of people. It pains me that a country that has produced best economists like Mrs. Ngozi Iwela, is still crawling because of bad leadership. They should at least use this one to help Nigerians. Drastically reduced the price to enable Nigerians live comfortably.

Mrs. Alina Aminu

The pandemic has really caused a lot in the country. I think this is the right time for our government to consider Nigerians. If this is the only thing they can do for Nigerians at this point, Nigerians will appreciate it. Electricity tariff and petrol pump price should be totally reduced. It should be made cheap to help stabilize the country. Right now, many Nigerians have lost their jobs and things are hard. Nigerians deserve to benefit from what they have. We should be enjoying electricity and petrol instead of making it difficult for us to buy. It’s very wrong. Government should try to make life easy by reducing it completely. At least from N166 to N75 will help Nigerians. It is very possible and achievable.

Mr. J.B Danjuma

I commend the effort of the Federal Government because it is not easy to run a country like Nigeria. I urge them to be considerate when making their decisions. We Nigerians are eagerly waiting to hear that petrol price and electricity tariff is brought down completely. It will go a long way to help Nigerians and as well speak well of the present government. As a Nigerian, I am very hopeful and believe that government will do something better concerning petrol price and electricity tariff.

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