Remembering Road Traffic Victims

by Aljazirah news | November 23, 2021 5:52 am

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It is estimated that 1.3 million people die each year from road traffic crashes and between 20 and 50 million more people suffer non-fatal injuries, with many incurring a disability, as per World Health Organization, WHO, fact sheet.

Also, data shows how traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for children and young adults between ages 5 to29.


Besides, deaths caused by road crashes cost countries serious economic losses. Three percent of individual countries’ Gross Domestic Product ,GDP, is believed to be lost to road accidents.

The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims was started by RoadPeace in 1993 to highlight it as a serious issue that needs to be addressed. In 2005, the United Nations endorsed it as a global day to be observed every third Sunday in November each year to acknowledge the victims of road traffic injuries and their families. Since then the World Day of Remembrance has been observed and promoted worldwide by many governments, international agencies and groups.

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It is a day of remembrance of all the people around the world who lost their lives, limbs or suffered serious injuries on the roads everywhere.

Alongside, on this day we also acknowledge the crucial work of the emergency services; highlight the generally trivial legal response to road deaths and injuries, advocate for better support for victims and their families, and promote evidence-based actions to prevent these tragedies.

The United Nations General Assembly, UNGA, has also set an ambitious target of halving the global number of deaths and injuries from road traffic crashes by 2030 by collaborating on road safety with countries.

The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 2021 seeks to promote the driving at low speed, and thereby avoid rash driving which causes the most accidents, especially among the aforementioned vulnerable groups.

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In Nigeria, there has not been a conscious campaign on this unique event which holds great significance for the globe community given the grim reality of the socio-economic devastation that road crashes have caused across nations.

There has not been much consciousness in Nigeria about the event notwithstanding the significance attached to it in other climes. We are aware that it arouses so much attention as victims of road crashes are remembered, so as to reminisce on the toll accidents take on society. Besides, the day evokes the overall interest for improved habits that would make roads safer for all.

Nigeria as a member of the international road safety fraternity cannot afford to be isolated and withdrawn from an event of such global significance. It is on that note that we urge the relevant agencies in the sub-sector including the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, to step up its game in aligning with such global observances to create the needed awareness when it becomes necessary. We are wary that apart from far-between commemorations of the event, not much is heard or seen around the country on it.

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It is given that the issue of road traffic victims is not only about the dead but also about living, hence it is important that we all make the day reflective enough.

We commend the few states and some FRSC commands who took time out to remember road traffic victims.


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