Reintroduction Of Toll Gates: Nigerians Speak

Reintroduction Of Toll Gates: Nigerians Speak

Following the recent announcement by the Federal Government, on the reintroduction of tollgate for commercial and private vehicle pliers on major Federal Highways across the country. What is your opinion on the policy? AljazirahNigeria WISDOM ONYEISI went round the City of Abuja to get the opinion of the public.


This government has done nothing other than making a living difficult for everyone. How will toll gates improve the lives of Nigerians? They will end up taking the money from Nigerians who are striving to make ends meet. They have made things difficult for everyone in the country and they still want to collect from Nigerians. It is very wrong and I don’t know what the Federal Government is thinking at all. Imagine traveling and paying N200 at every tollgate along the highway. The Federal Government should revisit that policy and change it. They should stop making life difficult for Nigerians and make policies that will improve lives, instead of increasing the hardship in the country.


Well, I think it is another strategy to generate revenue in the country. I will also add that they should plan it in a way that it will not be hectic for vehicle owners. Every country that is growing should have channels and multiply sources of revenue to be able to run the country. Nigerians should not see it as a huge task, but they should see it as a way of contributing to the growth of Nigeria. It is a good strategy and I think it will help the country and also build the economy.


Honestly, why will the Buhari-led government approve such a policy when the economy and the standard of living in Nigeria is poor and all they could do is to reintroduce a tollgate where they will be collecting from the poor masses. It has always been what they will gain not how they will help Nigerians improve their standard of living. If they must gain applause from Nigerians, they should openly tell Nigerians where and what the tollgate revenue is used to do in the country. If they desire money, they should be ready for accountability because Nigerians cannot make a contribution, and somebody who calls himself a leader will keep it in his bank account.


 I am not surprised because I know anything is very possible with this government. Why are they reintroducing toll gates when most major roads in Nigeria are not in good shape. They want to make money and jeopardize the lives of Nigerians. Roads should be reconstructed and should be in good shape before commencing the Tollgate activities. They should also understand that Nigerians are suffering and the current state is telling on everyone except these so-called leaders who are enjoying everything for free. Tollgate is not what Nigeria needs right now. Government should strategize on how they can fight insurgents and banditry in the country, not making policies that subject Nigerians to poverty.


This government has not the interest of the citizens of this country in mind. A government whose only interest is to make policies that will retard the growth and wellbeing of the people in the country. In Nigeria roads today, you will have to settle different groups of policemen positioned in different areas. Now, they have added a toll gate. Tell me how this government is helping the lives of people in this country. It is very bad and that policy should be checked again. How would the government come up with the policy of tollgate when Nigerian roads are not in order? For me, it is simply extortion in disguise because Nigerians will end up not seeing what the revenue generated from the tollgate is used for.


The reintroduction of toll gates is a good idea and it will help improve the economy of the country. It will also come with many other things such as a tight security system. There will be security personnel at the tollgate and it will help scare away the activities of bandits and kidnappers. Nigerians should learn to embrace new innovations and appreciate good strategies employed by the ruling government to improve the economic system of the government. The government on the other hand should make sure the tollgate is well planned and monitored very well so as to ensure that the purpose of its establishment is achieved.


This is a very shameless government that has done nothing other than taking Nigerians backward. Nigeria generates high revenue from major mineral resources in the country; yet, the Nigerian economy has not been improved. How would toll gates improve the economy of Nigeria? I don’t know about any country in the world that increases by taking from its citizens instead of strategizing on how to empower them. This government needs to be called to order and their so-called policies should help Nigeria and Nigerians without affecting the standard of livelihood in the country.


When I lament that this government has nothing to offer it will look like I don’t know what I am saying. Can you just imagine? Nigerians are still trying to recover from the losses of Covid-19 and all the federal government could do is to reintroduce the tollgate. Are we going forward or backward? President Buhari’s advisers are not doing a good job. Some of his decisions and policies are always coming at the wrong time. Why should they talk of toll gates when the lives of Nigerians are not safe on the highway? Nigerians should learn to oppose evil policies so that this leader will not do whatever they just feel from their bedroom. Government should conduct research and find out what is happening in the country, it will help them make suitable policies that will change lives in Nigeria.


There is nothing wrong with the reintroduction of a tollgate. Nigerians will always criticize everything without thinking about the impact of the policy. Some of them said the tollgate has faded away. But I think whatever that is not improved fades away. I think the reintroduction of the tollgate will come with unusual improvement and structure. It will also help put many things in place in the country. So, I am in full support. I encourage the government to reduce the price and ensure it is well planned. It’s one of the things that will help change a lot of things in the country. Kudos to the Federal Government.

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