Being a psychologist has helped me manage my career – Nigerian comedian

Being a psychologist has helped me manage my career – Nigerian comedian
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Can you tell me about yourself?

My name is Stainless Precious Ikechukwu Nwaokike. I am the second son of the family of six, I am a comedian, from Imo state I am single and a happy Nigerian. I am a proud entertainer with four of my siblings who are actors and a consultant amongst them.

I am happy to say they are all doing well for themselves. I am a psychologist and it has helped me to manage my career.

What motivated you to go into comedy?

Comedy is a passion. Like I refused to say in one of the interviews I granted, my father once attended my show and he told them that comedy is genetic, it has been transferred from one generation to another. My grandfather is the funniest man in my village, my father in his youthful days was the funniest in our church, in his clan and among his friends. My brothers are funny too when it comes to most of the roles they play on the movie set. Permit me to say it is a family thing, it is not a career I learned or took from someone, its inbuilt and I thank God I am using it to take care of myself and my family.  

Who would you say are your influences into the comedy world?

Ali Baba is one of them, every comedian comes out to say Ali Baba but for me, I had a personal encounter with him. When he was still serving in Abuja we were much younger, he tutored us he told us some sacrifices we had to paid and he also told us about the sacrifices he made. In Abuja, I worked with Big Mouth, Morris is also one of those that influenced me. He is someone with a clean career, when you meet him you will just love him he is very disciplined, he might not be the funniest but he is one of the first comedian recognized in Abuja.

How long have you been into the comedy world?

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It’s been fourteen years now since I started collecting money from comedy.

What is your philosophy on dressing?

The Bible says cleanliness is next to Godliness. I take dressing to be a mindset thing, most workers especially bankers, they dress the way they want to be addressed. I have anchored different shows, seminars, fashion shows; on a Lameman’s definition, if you see a well-dressed person you have to accord him some respect. Gone are those days when banking job used to be the order of the day, when you see a well-suited man you assume he is either a banker or a pastor but those days everyone wears a suit. Most people now believe the slogan; dress the way you want to be addressed. I see dressing as a personal thing. I see the challenges in dressing, because you can’t be looking good and trek from your house to your office, one needs a fully air conditioned car to match the look.

What is your favorite event and why?

I love wedding receptions and birthdays. I love birthdays because I have my own unique way of anchoring them. I wear all those clown costumes so I am good with children too.

What happens when you crack a joke and people don’t laugh?

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It happens. When a man is hungry, there is nothing you can do other than your best. The latest slogan is; if you don’t laugh its any of my business, comedians will say if I crack my joke and you don’t laugh that doesn’t mean I am not funny, it means your problem is bigger than my joke. Some people go for comedy shows to catch fun, some are there to criticize, some are there to see the way you dress while others don’t really have a focus. There was a day I cracked the best of joke at an event and people were clamoring, collecting my number, when I got to another show and cracked the same joke people didn’t laugh, well I couldn’t say the reason. I did stand-up shows where people didn’t laugh but when I am anchoring events I don’t see any stiff audience that I cannot break.

What advice do you have for up and coming Nigerian comedians?

Most upcoming comedians feel the industry is very simple, what I see in them is that they don’t want to learn, they don’t want anybody to tutor them, they just want to arrive. I went through Ali Baba, Big mouth, X-stranger, Ejiro and many of them. I learned so many things from all of them, when someone is blessed in one department you learn what made that person what he is. You need education to phytoene your career. When some of them feel they are funny, they feel that is all they need but they actually need a mentor. They should learn how to go through these things, they need to know how to charge. In Abuja, people tend to look for an upcoming comedian to pay them less and expect a good job but they forget the professionalism in the business, they might end up cracking some unpleasant joke and people won’t be happy. There was an event, where someone called me and said an upcoming comedian came and was insulting senators, they didn’t even know how to address them which was wrong. You might be funny, blessed but not matter what, you need a guide.

Do you have an upcoming show?

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Yes. I did comedy traffic May 28; I am preparing another one for Ghana by the end of this month, some of my artists are booked already so I am pushing it to September. I am the CEO Comedy traffic, and also the CEO Abuja Entertainers Football Charity Show, it’s a yearly program and this is the fifth year.