Presidential Aspirants Should Bring Out Ideas Now And Save Nigeria

Presidential Aspirants Should Bring Out Ideas Now And Save Nigeria

Ambassador James Erebuoye

It’s very sad to understand that most of the presidential aspirants for 2023, even the ones serving under President Muhammadu Buhari claim they have the solution to Nigeria’s security challenges, but they have kept quiet all these while because of their selfish reasons, only to be using it now as their 2023 presidential ambition campaign slogan: “If I’m given the presidential ticket, I will end the security challenges in the country.

Why will these same politicians not join hands with the president to end the security problems now? I expected these presidential aspirants to come up with new political strategies and not the same old formula of fake promises of turning Nigeria into a paradise, when most of them have been in the same system for decades; a system that could not deliver electricity, steady water supply, good roads, quality education, good health care facilities and most recently, curb the growing insecurity in the country. What some of these politicians fail to realise is that Nigerians are not fools any more, neither are they too blind to see or know when an aspirant is lying or telling the truth. Non of the aspirants have hit the main point of what Nigerians home and abroad are longing to hear. Instead, they are still recycling the same songs without even trying to do a remix.

Gone are the days of sharing bags of rice, salt, palm-oil and 5000 Naira to voters during the election period with empty promises. Sorry for any Politician that will make fake promises and think Nigerians will not hold him or her accountable for failure to deliver… Not any more. That time has passed. Concerned Nigerian Network in Diaspora will not be in a hurry to endorse or declare their support for any candidate, until all the presidential aspirants show their blueprints and account for their previous stewardship. Nigerians will not vote for candidates because of political party or tribe, religion and any godfatherism this time around.

The situation in the country at the moment deserves the attention of President Buhari and all well-meaning Nigerians, not the distraction from the desperate and over-zealous people desiring political power come 2023. What many Nigerians expect to be their priority now is coming together to tackle the security challenges bedevilling the nation. The aspirants should come with those ideas they have but are reserving for 2023, so as to resolve the issues now. They cannot be singing every day that they have solution to the security challenges in the country and choose to wait until they are elected in 2023 before they resolve the problems when innocent citizens are dying. If you reserve your ideas and Nigeria gets swallowed up or consumed by insecurity, which country or people will you then lead? Nigeria’s problem is for all hands to be on deck to resolve, whether as a current or aspiring leader.

Ambassador Erebuoye is President, Concerned Nigerian Network in Diaspora
Host, Rebuild Nigeria Movement Platform

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