Preach The Truth And Live By It, Clergy Urges Colleagues

Preach The Truth And Live By It, Clergy Urges Colleagues
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By Moses Okorie

The senior pastor of Assemblies of God Church, National Worship Centre, Area II, Garki, Abuja, Reverend Levi Udo Johnson, has urged clergymen in the country to preach the gospel of truth and not to be so mindful of wealth and power.

Reverend Johnson made this call on Wednesday, September 16, 2021, when AljazirahNigeria visited his office in Abuja as he has three more months to spend before retirement from the services of the church.

The clergy urged his colleagues in ministry to focus on the call of God, which is telling others about Christ than engaging in gospel of wealth and fame, which has categorized most of the messages been preached today in most churches.

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According to him, “My message to the church especially the pastors is to teach the truth, preach the truth and live by the truth. Don’t just be driven by money, money, money, power, power, power; no. Jesus died for the souls of men; every pastor should pursue the soul of men.

“And to members, they should stop running from pillar to post; showing immaturity. If the church where you are worshiping is preaching the truth, don’t corrupt your mind. God is one, Jesus is one, the Holy Spirit is one, the truth is one. If your pastor is ministering on these lines, you don’t have reasons running away.

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“How many universities do you register at a time? You must finish one university before you take another one. Why would you go round and around? Today, you are Assemblies of God member, tomorrow you are Dunamis, another day you are Church of God, the other day you are Living Faith; what are you looking for? God or man?

“No man is unlimited, only Christ is unlimited. So the members should listen. The closing of the bible says, ‘He that has an ear, let him hear what the spirit is saying’. Have a listening ear and determine to follow the Lord to the end”.

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Reverend Levi Johnson encouraged the church not to be discouraged in the face of troubles, because troubles would come, persecutions would come, accusation would come.

He said, “These things are there, but who shall separate you from the love of God”.