Politicians Junketing Not Profitable

<strong>Politicians Junketing Not Profitable</strong>

With the heightened frenzy over the fast coming general elections in the country, there are a few activities bordering on the normal to the outrageous as politicians out dazzle themselves with some pretending to be playing the statesmen’s role in the whole drama of infamy.

One keeps wondering how many politicians across party lines from neighbouring African countries and even the sub-region for that matter have ever had cause to choose our nation as their destination for a political retreat or any form of jamboree as ours are wont to.

In the last few days, the United Kingdom has become a Mecca of sorts to our politicians who have chosen London as their resort to discuss our nation’s political ‘future’. The meetings and Europe being their destination of choice may not be a bad motive entirely as there are indeed enormous reasons for politicians to close ranks and work tirelessly for the nation’s survival, given the precarious and delicate events that have dotted our landscape.

Our political leaders seem to have been celebrating their recent political pilgrimages to Paris and London with so much gusto that it had made the major headlines of both the social and traditional media.

Some of the headlines included: “Wike’s in crucial UK meeting with Obasanjo, ‘Obi, Atiku Heightens 2023 puzzle, Wike, Obj, Others meet in UK’, Tinubu, Wike others in London over 2023’, Obj, ex-Govs join Obi others over 2023”. Their headlines were confusing as they presented a funny mix that did not add up. But beyond the puzzle that the meetings appeared to have propped up is the rationale for going outside our shores to hold obviously political meetings which could have also been held within the country.

Is it that all through the nation, we lack the ambience and setting for such meetings to take place or is it that in every instance, we must exhibit our penchant for anything foreign?

To make it look like a true jamboree, some state governors abandoned their critical roles of governance where they are needed to fix very serious matters of state when these meetings could have been held back here and avoided the complementary foreign exchange in the face of the crunch now being experienced in the forex sector.

Notwithstanding whatever may be the sound outcomes of these pilgrimages by these political leaders, they have made it clear that they believe not much of their own terrain in which they are jostling to preside over. Their actions smack of negligence and unwariness to the general sorry state in which many Nigerians now survive. They went wild to the comfort of foreign lands to deliberate the common destiny of a people already pauperised by long-term chicanery and poor leadership. The people have for too long deceived that the political elite meant well for their emancipation from the manacles of leadership that is perpetually uninspiring.

Our country is blessed with uncountable resorts that can effectively accommodate any such political meetings except if the participants are given to something beyond the ordinary but exoteric. If they were indeed altruistic in their mission, then going to faraway countries to discuss Nigerian politics was a misnomer.

With the recent happenings many of our countrymen are becoming increasingly skeptical of the character of our leaders of all hues that they are indeed the same, stressing that they only vary along the lines of their respective political parties which is just a matter of nomenclature. As far as one is concerned, there is nothing in a name. In whatever name the parties are presented, so long as there is no clear distinction between their form and character, then the parties and their patrons are essentially the same.

Nigerian leaders should be thoughtful about the immediate concern of our people who have been under so much socio-economic trauma occasioned by pervading insecurity in various forms.

No matter the colouration given to these trips in the name of forging a front for a better Nigeria, it is just a wild goose chase. Nothing potent has appeared from these jamborees. There is a need for a new thinking that would bolster confidence in our leaders that they are not self-serving in their motives.

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