Political Solution Answer To NFF Crisis – Dalung

Political Solution Answer To NFF Crisis – Dalung
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Just last week, the Minister of Youth and Sports Barrister Solomon Dalung unveiled 6-man Committee to finding a lasting solution to the lingering crisis at the Nigeria’s Football Government Body in this interview with newsmen Joel Ajayi was there when he speaks on NFF crisis, wrong invasion of NFF by DSS, FIFA ban, ongoing Under-20 Women World Cup, the just concluded AAC in Asaba Amongst other.



Do you think this measure by setting up the committee is capable of the finally laid issue of NFF crisis to rest?

What is happening here today is the product of roundtable, my humble self and about 19 selected prominent Elders Stakeholder of the Nigeria Football Federation last week and we agreed to try to reconcile feuding part in NFF.

Sir, while you are making effort to reconcile the two warring faction Amaju-led board held a congress in Benin, Edo state passing the vote of confident on him, what is your take on that?

What has happened in Benin, I will be incompetent to say much about it because it’s out of the purview of my own knowledge but I think we are on curse with the programme and process of how to resolve the issue? Like I said when you have a problem in the family the Elders are the best to resolve the issue, we have taken the issue to the elders of the Nigerian football and we think they are in the better position to resolve this issue.

In view of the fact that the crisis is lingered for so long, even if the angel would have come today saying let resolve the issue, they will talk and say angel has taken side that why I told the elders that they need to resist temptation of over projection of interest in the name of trying to undermine the integrity of the reconciliation by tagging people that they have taken side.

Is there a time frame for the Elder’s reconciliation Committee?

Yes, this committee has just two weeks to the round of the assignment.

Honourable Minister you always advocate of rule of law but what if the reconciliation resolution contradicts what Supreme Court said what is going to happen?

Well, the elders are guided by the issue, that is why the chairman of committee made it clear, he said in his speech that they understand FIFA statues, Nigerian law, Supreme Court Judgement, High Court order and even the personal interest, this is why it has to go to elders because what young man can stand or climb the three and look and would not see an old one will see it while sitting.

And again, if there is are court orders both from Supreme and High court which are very clear, why then do we need reconciliation committee?

There is what we call a political solution in the implementation of judgment, when you have a judgement and you want to preserve the corporate entity of organization or interest you can adopt political solution by trying to bring party with the judgement and party that have loss together and tell them, look we have a common and higher agenda and we don’t need to go that way once this consensus is meet between the two the judgement can be set aside politically.

Should FIFA ban Nigeria, peradventures if the Elders cannot resolve the matter?

I am only hearing campaigning for banning Nigeria by Nigerian, but let me ask you a question FIFA will ban Nigeria for what? I am still wondering. It’s unfortunate that it’s Nigerian that are campaigning for Nigeria to be ban, there is no family or society or organization that is devoid of crisis, and if you ask me, crisis’s are part of the process that had make society advance from one stage of development to the other because we have learned from the experiences of the past.

When I hear people making a move to invite FIFA president to come and ban Nigeria. I think it is the act of unpatriotism from any citizen of Nigeria, we have not done anything that warrants FIFA ban and it’s not wrong that we have a crisis and we are trying to solve them.

 For two weeks now, the Amaju led-board has been occupying NFF with the backing of DSS another government agency contrary to what the judgment of the Supreme Court and Federal Court order why that, one arm of government is is backing Pinnick board and another arm of the government against it?

No, there no any arm of the government that will contradict the law and constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria because while taken the oath of the office the president subscribed to protect, respect the constitution of the country and under our democracy we have three arms of government the Executive, Judiciary and legislature the only competent arm that can vacate court order is judiciary so, there is no any other arms of this government that will break the law.

So, so any arm of this government is involved in disobedient to the court order has no business and there is no responsible any arm of this government where president Buhari is the head will break the law so whatever is happening at NFF I think it’s impunity of overstress.

Nigeria finished third at the AAC in Asaba and Nigeria came third what is your overall impression of Nigeria performance of the competition?

I must begin by saying there are some issues with an organization of the championship, it also has to do basically with the lack of providing adequate information on the side of the participating countries. Before competition every participating countries have a channel of registration, where they will provide information about their contingents, the time of arrival to enable the hosting country make preparation in terms of accommodation, transportation and security these countries did not provide such information to LOC and that create a problem.

I think the manpower recruited for the accreditation was not sufficient enough to contain the numbers of people that arrived, so we have some delay of the accreditation and accommodation.

The sum total of the organizational inadequacies was the fact that we are not been hosting this kind of competition from time to time we might have learned.

Are you satisfying with team Nigeria performance?

I thinking come third for me it’s not good for Nigeria, because we are hosting, we should have maintained the lead being a bigger nation.

Though Nigerian athletes are home base athletes so, there is a departure now from the chain of dependent on foreign-based to develop the local ones.

The Falconets of Nigeria will be playing in the U-20 Women World Cup in France what is your message to them?

I visited the team in Austria and I am satisfied with the level of preparation and training of the team even though, we had challenges on the part of federation to their allowances and bonus and since May 10th they arrived camp their allowance has not been paid, to me it is a bitter one that I can’t swallow easily it was quite painful, if you look at the ages of these patriotic Nigerian who are making Nigeria proud but all they could get in return was not to pay them their allowances.

But In my own little way, I have lifted their spirit by giving them some little, but we are going to raise some fund for them and their issue of allowance will be paid.

For the competition I have spoken with the team, they are determined and they have promised to make Nigeria proud.


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